Thursday, December 17, 2009

Rio Florin (High Water)

With the sun finally coming out and levels starting to drop we set our sights on the Lake District. With a group of 6 stout gypsy's all loaded in a small Cheve car we headed four hours south to the Rio Florin. To our surprise we found a huge amount of water in the river giving us quite an interesting experience in this committing canyon. The whole trip was a great time. It was myself, two nice chicas, and three great Spanish friends I have been running around with for the past month, good times for sure. Enjoy the photos of our Florin adventure and get to this river at some point in your life it's sick.

Hiking in to the Put in bridge in the cold morning air.

The first double drop of the run... This is one of the best drops in Chile if the level permits a sane descent.

Aniol running a sick seeming slide before the Stout.

So the top bit of the river was good to go until we got to the main gorge containing the three big drops of the run. The first of which was totally not good to, so we started walking in the bamboo. The second slide was high and scary, but Aniol decided to fire it up with a nice line.... The once we saw the big drop we knew it was money so with out too much hesitation we all ran the clean 50+ foot falls that made all the driving worth it.

Myself dropping the 50 footer with some high ass water.

Parra dropping in on the big drop.

Soaking in the hot spings after the run/hike we completed down the river.

Eating some lunch after a good huck session.

A big group of gypsy's ready to head home after a great trip.

A long road to nowhere...cheers to a good trip with some more good friends I met along the way.

Later E.G.

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Fred Norquist said...

nice ball, that first drop looked super stout!