Monday, January 19, 2009

Manso Gorge 09'

After escaping Pucon's siphon once again Demshitz drove down through Argentina and met up with our hommie Jared Seiler who had left 2 days prior with Team Marginal. They ran Alerces and The Ojo.... So we were fired to hear that the levels weer still good to go. With that said Ian, Jared, and I put on the long section known as the Manso Gorge with our nice buddies running the long shuttle on their way to Futa.

I did this run last year with more water and we had a sick day... putting in at Alerces falls and only making a portage around a massive 60 footer in the depths of the Canyon. This year we were stoked to see it again with less flow, rumor sayz that last February a German ran it.... So we wanted to give her as well.

That's what we did... starting the day with a perfect 40 foot huck we ran it all... completing the second descent of the huge portage falls in the inner gorge. It made for one of the best days of hucking of the trip so far. All three of us ran it with good lines all around. No good photos of the drops because we only had video up and running. Jared was rocking a GoPro camera so here are some freeze's off his footie... you can't tell whats happening all you know is the it's BIG!!!

In the maw at the Alerces falls... good morning.

The massive stout we all ran.. it was sick. To see it all you must go see the Demshitz movie this may....

We then took off and went straight to the Ojo.... keep you eye up for the update as well... it's a top 5'er for me...

Later E.G.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Demshitz Movie...

Demshitz Movie Chile Argentina Teaser from jared seiler on Vimeo.

Go to Vimeo for the HD version.

So I'm sure everyone who is reading this has heard about the Demshitz boyz. I have been traveling with Demshitz the last two winters down in South America and throughout our journeys we mustered up a great idea. Now combining my force with theirs we are in the midst of creating the greatest kayak movie of all times. It shall be named "Demshitz".... a compilation of straight up shit running and more jackass-esque hilarity will make this a must own shitter! We will be finishing up the movie in Ashville this March so get ready for some sick premier parties this spring...

Later E.G.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

A Week with Team Marginal

Well.... right after Christmas a group of dudes from my home town of Bozeman Montana showed up for a little Chilean Slayin'. These guys are good boyz... they roll in a possie called "Team Marginal". They make some sick movies and have a nice blog as well... check it out!!! Their blog.

So anyways they showed up and wanted to get down to business... so that's what we did. We did a nice little Tour de Stout and got some good shit done with those boys. Split up by a massive party for new years it was a dam good time to have shared with some fellow Montucky residents!

We did: Palguin, Fuy, Llancahue, Nilahue, & Gol Gol in a few days.... now we are in Argentina boating more so the updates will be coming in hot.

Enjoy the shots.. there are a lot of them and they are sick!

A long exposure of Volcan Villarrica. With the lava shining bright.

Marginality... what's there to say about it.. these guys know it like meat loaf.

Running the Salto de Leona with some hotties watching me do my thing... hahahaha not really but they were there.

Ohhhhh!!!! a big booy indeed.. nobody ran it.

Misty flipping that shit man... mo' steeze mo' betta.

Ian on the Novios.. left line.

Ian coming back to the Nilahue from a few years back after him and the boys first D'ed it.

Sick photo on the Gol Gol of a nasty boof.

Upper Palguin man, just another day on that rio.

EG dropping the sluce island on the Gol Gol... it was lower but still had as sick line to bust through the sauce.

E.G. on another lap of the Nilahue.. what a sick ass drop. I love it man!

Misty flipping while Jared was running the Indio... it's a sick video shot from down stream.

Indio at lower levels got the blood pumping for sure. I even went deeper than at high flows.

Making a Brown on the fuy!!! Demshitz style...

Third paddle of the trip for me... damit!!! the big boys take it.

A nice boof on the Fuy.

B-ford running the Leona on the fuy... the most famous waterfall in the lands.

B-ford rocking another day on the Upper Palguin.

Bradford doing a cartwheel to one and a half flips off the portage jump on the Palguin.

Adam Johnson lacing the stout on the middle Palguin... what a sick angle on this drop. It gives you a good look to how big this thing really is.

Abosolute agua...... que fina!!!!! El Gol Gol tiene juego.

Ben Kinsella layin' some treats on Nilahue at a great level. The 60 foot ramp drop, yep it's bad!

photos by Pat Rogers... & Adam Johnson

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Middle Llancahue "dirtygerd"

The Middle Llancahue is a very legendary place is Chile. There have been very few brave soles who have dropped in to this desolate location in the mists of the lake district. Gerd Sarassoles a young Spanish kid ran the first descent of this section with a good friend Chris Korbulic 2 years back. He ran it all including the nasty 60ish footer in there. Two weeks ago as well... two German cats from the Sickline crew ran the beast for the 2nd and 3rd descent.. Props to those boys fro that shitzskin as well.

Now was Demshitz time to shine!

The nastiness of the DirtyGerd.

We did a huge scout session and Jared ended up taking the cake to go first. So there he was atop the burl stout with only a paddle and piece of plastic to make his way through the gates of Normandy.

Jared laying some big time treats on the "Dirty Gerd" damn skippy man!

He had a crazy line... I can't even explain it. In the end his deck imploded and he swam to shore, unscathed and good to go. Fucking dam good state to be in, in my opinion. Then that left Ian and I at the top with a decision to make... to go, or not to go.

Ian went!

Ian running the end of the entrance of the stout. On his way left.

So the deal with this drop is... the entry is nasty and long. Then the drop is not clean, and you have to be right or you die... more or less. Ian came through with some good style, then hit the last curler which turned him left... He flew off the beast and connected with a rock half way down. Then exploded off it and hit the pool. Damn another swim, but he was all good to go as well. Once again with a rapid like this it's good to be at the bottom safe and sound.

After that deal we arrived at the Suavamente 30 footer. It was amazingly good to go and awesome. We all ran it with the Team Marginal boyz and all. I will get into the T.M. boyz in the next post I do here soon.

Dropping a spirit-esque boof off.

Afterwards he went and stompped the sauve 30 footer right below the biggen.

Aj dropping in on the perfect 30 footer right thurr.

I heard about some good shit below this drop but we didn't go below due to time shortage. There was one sick drop that I could see, but that's about it. We hiked out there and continued back to Pucon once again for a big new years drinking session with all demshitz. This day we scouted but Jared and Ian took the cake and drank the boot!

Later E.G.

No Miedo on the Middle Palguin

After we got back from the little trip down to Gol Gol, Nilahue, and Fuy we were in a good mood to continue the huckfest... what else to go do other than the most famous big huck of Pucon. The Middle Palguin's big falls. Going up to the Palguin with the ganas (intention) of running this beast, is like going to skate park down town portland, and saying your gonna fight the biggest scariest dude there. No shit man it's big and scary. After running it so many times now I get more and more comfortable but have to tell myself "I'm not scared."

A number of years back when I was first down here... when the middle palguin used to be a 10-35-50 Lj Groth and Rodrigo Tushner ran it 4 times in one week. Lj had this to say with this photo to go along with it...

Maybe I am crazy? (from

I love that quote... because this drop is so close to town and there is always water in this river so it becomes a staple drop if you are living here.

So all geared up an took off for the middle once again. Me, Rodrigo, Miguel, Jared, Fred, and Graham was the group. All stars bitches....

Rodrigo goes first onthis big boy most of the time... he loves his home town stout.

Jared following shortly behind him with the Go Pro camera strapped to his head. Taking the stout to a new level, busted paddle over his head.

I then went with the a paddle toss descent....

Launching in to avoid stout 10.

T-ing up the lip of the stout... sick photo by Toro.

I tossed her (my At) way far away from me and had a solid line... But then failed to hands roll and swam. Damit!! hahaha Graham went next and stomped the sht=itz out of it with some savage demshitz estilo.

Miguel on his third run of this big boy.... solid my stout master.

Fred... a new comer to this shiter... he had a sick line for sure.

Group in the pool at the bottom.... total numbers.... 4 broken paddles & 2 swims. Big drop=big hits.

Yet another crazy day in the land of stouts. More to come soon... this was the 16th or so of December. I have been a little lazy on my blog... but not on the water I swear.

Later E.G.


Urriebody knows ab out the Upper Fuy... if you don't??? You gotta go and check out KAVU DAY with Dan Gavere. That will give you the answers to your questions.

1. ME boofing a boogie drop on the way to the waterfall section.
2. The Puma.... hahahaha one day!
3. Miguel booing the left side of the Leona at good juicy flows.
4. Fred Gnarquist givin' her on the same beautiful drop.
5. E.G. boofing the stout hole of the run... you will swim if you surf.

All good on the goods. This is a perfect run to chill and relax on with the bros under the sun. Chile livin' is always good.

Later E.G.