Saturday, January 10, 2009

A Week with Team Marginal

Well.... right after Christmas a group of dudes from my home town of Bozeman Montana showed up for a little Chilean Slayin'. These guys are good boyz... they roll in a possie called "Team Marginal". They make some sick movies and have a nice blog as well... check it out!!! Their blog.

So anyways they showed up and wanted to get down to business... so that's what we did. We did a nice little Tour de Stout and got some good shit done with those boys. Split up by a massive party for new years it was a dam good time to have shared with some fellow Montucky residents!

We did: Palguin, Fuy, Llancahue, Nilahue, & Gol Gol in a few days.... now we are in Argentina boating more so the updates will be coming in hot.

Enjoy the shots.. there are a lot of them and they are sick!

A long exposure of Volcan Villarrica. With the lava shining bright.

Marginality... what's there to say about it.. these guys know it like meat loaf.

Running the Salto de Leona with some hotties watching me do my thing... hahahaha not really but they were there.

Ohhhhh!!!! a big booy indeed.. nobody ran it.

Misty flipping that shit man... mo' steeze mo' betta.

Ian on the Novios.. left line.

Ian coming back to the Nilahue from a few years back after him and the boys first D'ed it.

Sick photo on the Gol Gol of a nasty boof.

Upper Palguin man, just another day on that rio.

EG dropping the sluce island on the Gol Gol... it was lower but still had as sick line to bust through the sauce.

E.G. on another lap of the Nilahue.. what a sick ass drop. I love it man!

Misty flipping while Jared was running the Indio... it's a sick video shot from down stream.

Indio at lower levels got the blood pumping for sure. I even went deeper than at high flows.

Making a Brown on the fuy!!! Demshitz style...

Third paddle of the trip for me... damit!!! the big boys take it.

A nice boof on the Fuy.

B-ford running the Leona on the fuy... the most famous waterfall in the lands.

B-ford rocking another day on the Upper Palguin.

Bradford doing a cartwheel to one and a half flips off the portage jump on the Palguin.

Adam Johnson lacing the stout on the middle Palguin... what a sick angle on this drop. It gives you a good look to how big this thing really is.

Abosolute agua...... que fina!!!!! El Gol Gol tiene juego.

Ben Kinsella layin' some treats on Nilahue at a great level. The 60 foot ramp drop, yep it's bad!

photos by Pat Rogers... & Adam Johnson


RiotAJ said...

Yeah Evan!

Back in WV safely. Yall have fun down in Argentina and at the Futa. Thanks for a sick trip.

More egcreekin/team marginal updates at

Cheers fellas'!


Fred Norquist said...

Chea demshitz be runnin brown fo sho, wish i coulda been there for nilahue, brine shrimpin aint easy, have a good baker trip!