Monday, August 15, 2011

Bomb Flow TV Episode #2 "Pacific Northwest"

It has begun...the world domination of bombflow! Have you seen episode #1 pt1 & 2 yet? Part #1 Pucon, Chile, and part #2 Patagonia? If not check them out!!!! They are 50 minuets of completely mind blowing footage from all over one of the greatest most beautiful countries in the world...Now after another month has passed we bring you the Pacific Northwest episode hot off the press...I guess there is an edit glitch near the end...probably my fault...I was too stoked to get this thing out to the pubic! Anyway watch, enjoy, comment, please share with friends and family, and go kayaking!!!!!

Bomb Flow TV Episode #2 Pacific Northwest from BombFlowTV on Vimeo.

Later E.G.

Skippy's Royal Flush Video

Here is a short video update from the Royal Gorge. About a month ago we put on with 13 people and rallied this 3 day overnight river. Rush, Myself, Ryan, and Skippy all ran the 5 big boys on the run completing the "Royal Flush"! Like I said here is a short cut showing some of the highlights from the trip. Enjoy!

Royal Gorge Kayaking - 2011 Royal Flush from on Vimeo.

Check out Kayak Diaries for more updates from Skippy, this guy really slays in his boat!

Later E.G.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

the times they're a changin....

This year has been as busy, exciting, and interesting as ever. I know I am seriously lacking on the blog updates but lazy, never. Bomb Flow TV has taken over a good chunk of my free time and over all attention for this year. That's not to say that egcreekin will be left behind...only backed up a few months. I hope that everyone and their moms have been watching the BFTV updates and episodes...there are more on the way and our line up for this fall is unbelievable.

Now with this cool new media and attitude going towards Bomb Flow the Mag & TV there has been some negative feedback. Content issues, egotistical remarks, and a very new way of portraying kayaking has brought about some...what do they call it these days...oh yes, HATE! People are either not seeing the humor that is going into this, don't want to see it, or have some moral objection and are tied to their own personal visions of what this whitewater is.

Kayakers are kayakers, and for one reason...because its an amazing, fun, adventuresome, and unique sport. It gets you away from the rush of the 21st century and puts you in a place where you are in command of your own destiny. I personally love when people tell me how I act, view, and use this sport in a selfish egoistical manor. Most everyone of these people have never met me or my friends in person and surely have never paddled down a river along our side. Here lies my problem with the whole shebang. The internet gives everyone a voice, and for some reason in this sport especially, members of the kayaking community choose to strongly voice their opinions on matters that they pretty much have nothing to do with. Freedom of speech is one thing, but voicing out negative thoughts and energy is something I would like the steer away from.

Whitewater is a growing industry. What people are leaning towards is free media and entertainment! This make the internet our prime hot spot. You can log in from any county in the world and see what exactly is going on in the world of kayaking. So take a minuet and appreciate what is happening in our sport. More amazing photos, videos, blogs, and free media is being brought to you everyday by many members of the community...

I am having a long overdue vent on my blog that will shortly be followed up by a bunch of write ups from this summer. All I am saying that instead of over reacting pointing fingers or forming strong negative opinions, take a second think about it and open your minds to other trains of thoughts and lifestyles. Enjoy what is happening in whitewater kayaking. Everyone is in the game for the same reason and we all love to kayak. For Love of Water F.L.O.W. that's it that's all! Enjoy the videos, write ups, pictures, and all the incredible things going on in our sport these days...kayaking is growing...are you?

Later E.G.