Sunday, September 24, 2006

canada update movie

This is it, a sick video of us at the ottawa and lachine. It introduces about half of the WCKA crew for this year. Time is flying by I'm headed to the Green tomarrow for some classic Southeast creeking. Later E.G.

once again im sorry but my link button is not working but here is the site (copy it and paste it)

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

The Ottawa

The Ottawa..... What is there to say? Some sick ass play boating. When your here you will see something that I like to call the "Ottawa syndrome" That is where a person drops into Garberator throws a ride with both Pan-ams, Air screws, and a helixes, then flushes off the wave, misses 5 rolls, and barely catches the eddy. If you know what I'm talking about you will think it's funny but if not don't take offense to anything that I say. Back to my trip here, It has been a trip of ups and downs. I got here and trained hard for the US team trials for 4 days. The competition went well for me I took 2nd behind none other than Dane Jackson, but still made the Team. After I was done competing I tweaked out my back surfing more, I thought, "Oh well I will just take a few days off and be back at it in no time." I took almost 2 weeks off and missed a good chunk of our time at the Ottawa. Now I'm back in my boat and fired up for Lachine.Karl lanching a backside Camel flip to paddle twist!!! he's good!!

We have a week at Lachine coming up soon and I will post a video of that HELL YES!!! E.G.