Tuesday, September 05, 2006

The Ottawa

The Ottawa..... What is there to say? Some sick ass play boating. When your here you will see something that I like to call the "Ottawa syndrome" That is where a person drops into Garberator throws a ride with both Pan-ams, Air screws, and a helixes, then flushes off the wave, misses 5 rolls, and barely catches the eddy. If you know what I'm talking about you will think it's funny but if not don't take offense to anything that I say. Back to my trip here, It has been a trip of ups and downs. I got here and trained hard for the US team trials for 4 days. The competition went well for me I took 2nd behind none other than Dane Jackson, but still made the Team. After I was done competing I tweaked out my back surfing more, I thought, "Oh well I will just take a few days off and be back at it in no time." I took almost 2 weeks off and missed a good chunk of our time at the Ottawa. Now I'm back in my boat and fired up for Lachine.Karl lanching a backside Camel flip to paddle twist!!! he's good!!

We have a week at Lachine coming up soon and I will post a video of that HELL YES!!! E.G.

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Anonymous said...

What is a backside Camel Flip? Sounds stupid and looks like a screwed up donkey flip. You need more pictures too.