Thursday, February 21, 2008

Rio Riñinahue: First Descent

I have stopped and looked at this canyon and set of drops twice befor on this trip at higher flows.... and finally I decided it was pretty, maybe, good to go. Jared and I geared up after scouting in the spikey woods for a half hour or so. Jared decided to go first and I was to be his lemming... he's a good dude to be firing off big scarey stuff with, NO FEAR for MEATBALL!!!!!

Well he went, boofed the top slot 5 footer and started to paddle his ass off...

This is Jared covered by trees, but it the middle of charging for his dear hienny, away from the cave you can see on the left and to the only runnable part of the drop... far right.

he kept giving her until he got the last boof off the far right side, clearing the hole and making it safely to the pool away from the hole and cave.

Jared boofing the powerful 12 footer after making the ferry look difficult but good. 1st D baby!!

Me following the terrifying ferry move that Jared showed me was hard, but possible.

I was more scared after watching how hard Jared paddled but just gave it a go and made it with a very nice boof out the bottom. That one one of the scaryest drops of the trip so far just because of the things that could happen if something went wrong in there... no way to run saftey at all, but we made it with out soiling the boardy's!!!

The next thing up was a cool tight canyon, with no exit into a huge scary horizon that marked the actual falls we came for. It was a 30ish footer with a sick lead in and a huge curler coming off the right wall. We couldn't wait for Max and Migule to take photos so we just gave her. It was super duper fun guys....

This is the 30 footer into the big, nice, clear pool.

We both came in hot, hit the curler, got burried, plugged in to the nice boil, and came out waving our hands high!!!

Me chilling after exiting the box gorge. AHHH! like a cool glass of Brisk ice tea on a hot summer day!

Jared Seiler all fired up on our first descent of the Riñinahue falls and canyon. Look at how cute he is... Ladies he's single????

It was cool to finally log a first descent down here in Chile after running the shit for 2plus months. We found it thanks to Lj's beta from a few years back... Thanks diggity!!! Then we floated towards Lago Ranco and took out. It was an amazing day of kayaking. 2 laps of the 60 feet Nilahue and a challanging, sick first descent. I could not ask to be anywhere else in the world right now. On way to the Futaleufu now...

Later E.G.

Salto del Nilahue round 2

We got out of Pucon after an epic week of debouchery and my big 19th birthday party. It was needed, although I'm sad to say good bye to such an awomse place... but I'm sure to make plans to come back next October... I hope?

Volcan Villrrica... the guardian of Pucon, saying good bye to my home last past 2 1/2 months.

Well we made out way down south through the scenic lake district and found ourselves back at the park and huck king Nilahue. It was three weeks since Me and Jared ran it at high flows and we were all ready to run it this time. We woke up early and ate some bready and avacado's the normal for us poor kayakers and got fired up to go big!!! Again!

Jared, Migule, Me, and Max. We had sick lines. The landing was super soft for me and varying for the others.

Jared Seiler fire, aim, steady!!! his philosiphy for the stouts!!! haha NOT! he is greesy smooth!

Migule stompping the perfect line on this bad ass 60 footer!!

Mua!! on run number 1 of the day... I liked this line.

Max resetting his angle on the last possible moment before freefall.

I was so pumped I walked back up to the top which was not easy and hucked it again!!! I was hot, sweaty, and scared for my second run because I was alone, but all was well and the landing was soft once again.

Me on my second run of the day.

It is kind of a gamble running a 60 footer twice in one day because one mistake can be bad news bears!!! So i just focused on the same line and got it! The day was not done there... It was early and the First D I have been chasing was just 10km away!!!! Foreshadowing for amazing things to come!!!

Later E.G.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Fusili's Last Day N' Pucon (Middle P.)

Middle Palguin Video!!!

This was Fusili's last day in Pucon... we woke up late, ate some food, hucked the stout 70 on the Palguin... and partied hard out on the town. It was a classic day in Pucon almost like everyday.

The Tour De Stout Video!!!

Both these sick shitz be made by Jared Seiler... He's killin it... EH!! It's a little overdue, these last posts but now they are up for your viewing and enjoyment. Tell me how you like dem!!!

Later E.G.

Rio Fuy and LLanchahue

Just for your info... These upadte are about 3 weeks old because I have been lazy. But it was right with the Manso and other rivers. The best 8 days of kayaking of my life!!!
At the bottom of the falls section on the Fuy!!! group love demshitz and BD's repin'.

After the Nilahue we continued north towards the Fuy. The upper is a classic run that everyone has seen many times. The water is totaly clear and blue. Most of the run is class III until you reach a set of awsome waterfalls and rapids at the end of the section. We did this run two days in a row and also check out ome huge scary runnable falls Here are some photos that Jared snapped of us....

A really cool photo of the Salto de Leona in the backgrond of this slide.

Fusili in the mists of a big wier hole.

After two days there we went looned at some more river before showing up in Coñaripe, home of the Rio LLanchahue. It was one of the first really hot weeks in Pucon so the river had risen and was toally brown. We took a hopeful peek at Gerd's drop in the middle section that he hucked last year but the level was too low and I was scared!!! It is one of the stoutest things ever run, for sure!!!! Props to you little spañared for huckin that.

So we did the run at kind of low flows, but we all ran the portage drop. I dont have those pics yet, but I will try and get them up soon. Then we were back in Pucon and still on fire... we put our sights on the Midio Palguin for round 2.

Later E.G.

Salto Del Nilahue

Checkin' Nilahue out from the outlook it may look small from here, but it's pretty tall when your fallin' down it.

Lj Groth and Trip Jennings first D'ed this drop a few years back when it was a monster double drop and boofed a huge 40 into a 30. Last Year my Bro, Chris, and Rodrigo first D'ed the new drop a ramp style 60 footer!!!!

Dave and I looking at it from the lip.

This thing is soooo sick, ver unique, and kind of scary due to a nasty cave undercut if you resurface left. We scouted for a long time and Jared and I geared up and gave it some loving.

Jared on his way to glory... Not we just kayakers!!!

Me on my way to a nice hit... fist pump... and hug with my hommie.

The water was higher than it had been run, except one time when Ron Fisher fired it up at super high flows after Christmus this year, but it was still juicy. We both broke right and tucked near the bottom of the freefall. Popping up on the right side of the boil we was doing good. Love all around and Danky 21's for all to celebrate yet another victorious descent of a big boy in Chile!!!

Later E.G.

Zei Gol Gol

After the Rio Todosobreniños we were on fire. Over the border we put stright in to the river and it was on. This river goes: 15, 5, 20, 20, 15, 25, 40... ran them all. I walked Indio, due to my nancey ear problem from last time at around twice the flow. This time the river was much more enjoyable and still stout and exciting. The boys were fired up to get a new run under their belts and 3 of dem fell off the biggen. Jared boofed her strong and hard, Dave and Max took dat beast deep, like China deep. All else was good we boofed and we left on to the next river on the ¨Tour De Stout¨!!!!

Me boofing a nice 15er... number 4 I think.

Stout Master Miguel puttin it to yet another.

The sluce box on the way to some more rocker???

At the top nice lofty boof at the top of the run.

Fusili killing a boof, demshitz can do it like dat!!!

No photos of Indio but some sick video, not because Jared's computer was stolen out the truck during a night on Pucon. Dam but the insure. has got his back... we only lost footie and pictures. Life goes on... but if we find you little mulleted Chileans creepin around your head is mine!!!!!

Later E.G.

Monday, February 04, 2008

Rio Todosobreniños

No one knows this river.....

Deep in the jungle we sat for days hiking over mountains and through marshes Demshitz were tried and so was I. Through the drakness came light and this is what we found... photos all by Demshitz (max, mike, will, jared, dave);

Camping in heaven, possible my favorite place on earth to this point.

Max greasing the 1st drop.

Dave on a slughterfest of numero ono as well.

Ojodeculo gorge!!!

In the runnings of the coolest canyons Ive seen.

Jared killin it.

Me on a sick double drop split falls.

Max pumped up!

Mike pumped up!

Me hitting a nice plug on a good waterfall.

The same drop from down stream.

Dave and Max boogie.

The Sky was on fire?

The boyz: Mike Stratton had an unbeatable birthday.

Well if you want to know it... find it Im not at liberity to say it. We did it two days in a row and they were amazing days... top 5 rivers of all time with out doubt... no portages!!!!

Later E.G.

Manso Gorge

So after camping at Cascada de los Alerces, we woke up with the long shuttle already set from the night before ready to go. Dave, Jared, and I put in up stream of the falls while everybody else walked down to watch us run yet another stout! The river splits into two different channels, one is the big daddy from the day before, the other is a sick tight 50-60 foot sliding falls.

Jared mighty meat mouse displaying kojones.

Jared showed us it was good to go, running it at the same time as a crazy duck who stomped the same line only feet behind him. Then me and then Dave fired behind him all with style, a great drop.

The Killah on the Alerces slide.

Fusili puttin some sauce on the stout.

After the falls there is a good section of flat water leading up to a nice 3 drop sequence ending in a beautiful boofer.

Mike Stratton on a nice boof at the end of a three stage drop.

Monkey arms in effect!

There was some good drops and big holes leading into the gorge with tons of quality boulder drops in its depths. One is a portage which I sent everyone in to blind, sorry it looked totally manageable!!! It ended up Ok with only one swim. This hole was furious. More good drops like this:Dave slangin the fish boats.

Put us at a long class II run out into Lago Steffen and a 6km paddle out on that thing finished me. Then we finished the second half of the shuttle and drove stright to Bariloche for a stout Saturday night on the town. Ask Migule about that one. We ended up sleeping on a dock in the middle of that city... good times. A good day for us then we waited for the prize.....

Where is this??? Who knows!!??

Later E.G.