Thursday, October 29, 2009

Tres Saltos "The Big One"

Rodrigo and I fired up and ready to fall off some shit.

After a few days of cold rains and good boating we knew that the one of the biggest and most sought after drops was running. So with Rodrigo and the Spaniards we arrived to find a nice flow to finally run this stout. After 3 years of not having good enough flow to run it, it was our time. Here is a sequence of my line off the stout....

Looking down the tube....

Finishing the stoke down the curl...


Holding the tuck...

Connecting with the curtain and fading in the plug.

Smooth, soft, and good to go.

Me filming the rest of the boys running it as well.

You've been down that road before.... you don't wanna go back.

It was a good day of kayaking for only being in my yak for 30 seconds. The rain/snow continued so we knew the next day would hold good boating for us as well.

Later E.G.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Some Pucón Love

As the season progresses here in Pucón more people have shown up to come and run brown. A group of cool Spanish kids arrived a week ago with a good mate from Sweden as well. So for the last little bit we have been firing some stuff off and getting out on the river everyday. Here are some cool shots of the weeks adventures and highlights by Annton Immer and Aniol Sarassoles. Enjoy the picture of these beautiful rivers.

I got my paddle and some bread... Im ready to go kayaking.

My first run on the Salto Muerte of this year... The higher flows made the boof harder but the landing more soft.

Ian getting plundered in the portage on the Palguin.

Layin a treat... Salto de la Muerte is about 30 feet tall and lands in about 3 feet of water. Do the Math... 30/3=big boof.

Aniol (La Kobra) runs the Muerte.

Aniol surfing out of the base of the Muerte.

The second drop of the Desahue... good seem action in there.

Wall fall. Rio Nevados.

Another beautiful horizon on the Puesco.

Brown that shit... this one goes out to all my Demshitz.

Aniol boofing on the Desahue.

GUS love on a nice big boof.

Pebre... Estilo Chileno!

Zoro asado master and kayaking compadre...

So with nuemerous runs of the Palguin, Nevados, Puesco, and Desahue we have had a good time with some new friends in town... The last two days have been cold and full of rain, and more Demshitz show up soon. There are some good plans to head south coming in to play and we are all very excited to see how much rain we can get...

Later E.G.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Palguin shit show

So here in Pucon the home river is the Palguin. It is a creek that come right off the flanks of Volcan Villarrica, meaning it carries water for the majority of the season. There are three runs to this beautiful spring fed river; The upper... is composed of 4 very nice waterfall style drops and one very powerful portage double drop. We dubbed this rapid "Exportacion" after our favorite wine down here in Chile. It also sounds like X-portage. Meaning we normally run this rapid now days. Well run might be an overstatement... This thing gives up some of the most impressive beatings I have witnessed. All the time leading to a pile of gear floating in the pool below. The good part of all this, is the drop is clean! no rocks, just lots of water in a tight space. Here she be...

All the fellas drinking wine the night before.

Rodrigo dropping in for the ride of your life.

Me, check the facial expression I got on... I broke my paddle in the mucky-ness... I believe over my helmet at the bottom on the last free fall, which we all ran upside down :)

Nate doing the upside down thing, This always happens... It has been stuck by maybe 4 people.

Nate with a broken paddle and a swim to go along with it.

Aniol Sarrassoles... Gerd's little bro, paddles with a smooth style coming over from Spain.

Annton Immer came all the way from Sweden to run this beast of the drop.

Me and the Kayak Pucon truck... broken AT rack full of kayaks.

Hope you liked the action... 3 swims (annton, nate, ian), 2 broke paddles (evan, nate), and everybody ran her upside down from the middle boil... Good fun!

We got some great Empanadas at a home made spot in Pucon... Rodrigo hablando con la Vieja que estaba cocinando. -para uds. k hablan espanol!

Later E.G.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Waterfalls of Patagonia: Movie

Jared has been sitting at home for the past month waiting to get his ass down here to run more shit... So with all the video we shot last year for the Demshitz movie he put together an epic segment... The only problem I see with this section is, Ian didn't get his Manso F.D. shot???? Come on now... If it wasn't for him that thing would still be un-run.... But this song make me want go big. Good job Jared best edit I've seen in a while.... This is layin' treats and Demshitz running the brown for those that had questions... hahaha

" Waterfalls of Patagonia " whitewater kayaking with Demshitz! from jared seiler on Vimeo.

Later E.G.

Monday, October 12, 2009

The Eyes of Caburga...

Ojos de Caburga, meaning (The springs of Caburga) is the take out for the entire run on the Rio Desahue... On this day Nate and I decided to park and huck it, and get some nice photos. Enjoy the shots of the two channels of this cool waterfall.

It was a fun time we both ran the waterfalls a bunch of times... it was good free fall practice for bigger things to come later in the trip. On our way back to Pucon, we were both drinking delicious Fanta when all of the sudden on the side of the road we saw the native Hooster... Half horse, half rooster. A cool sight indeed.

Later E.G.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

El Rio Puesco es fresco.

Getting back in the grove of things there is no river that will reward you more than the Puesco. The upper and lower combo is like doing 1000 boofs in a row while enjoying high Andes Mountain scenery. What a good place to be.... Here are some shots of our day out there.

Torres del Puesco... you don't have to go all the way south to get bad ass views.

Rodrigo entering a big steep drop.

Nate on the crux rapid of the upper.

My favorite picture of the day.

After it was all done, we got a good work out, and a bag of country free range eggs from a nice old lady near the take out.

Later E.G.

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Wena el Desahue

After having some weird water levels here in the Pucon area, we finally just sacked up and went to the Desahue. Thinking the level was going to be very high, we found a smooth and soft level for this normally rough stretch of creek.

The big drop that we were running last year with lower flow has been looking quite powerful and tricky. So, with one portage this roadside run has saved us from many hours of boredom in the city limits. The first day we took no cameras, but yesterday we routed it a bit slower and stopped for some photo opp's... Enjoy our shots of this amazing river only 20 minutes from downtown Pucon.

The white snowy mountain that makes this place so recognizable.

Rodrigo finishes off a nice set of drops.

At the top of the the drop ready to stomp.

Another nice staging drop high in the run.

This thing rages through peoples backyards... we had workers following us down watching us boofs the waterfalls with confused looks on their faces.

Ass banger....

Rodrigo stoked to be home and on one of his favorite river once again.

Salto Pablito... this is a nice 10 footer that 7 year old Pablo Casey ran with us last year.

In the shit.

Rodrigo style on the big double drop... two big holes=two nice boofs.

Nate going into the seem...

Nate B.D. in the hyrum.

Nate on a chunky horizon line.

Nate boofing hard somewhere in the mists.

Fired up on the Desahue.

Boofing a stout ledge hole.

Blasting out of the hydraulic.

Coming through the double hole rapid.

Rodrigo enjoys some sun shine.

The first boof of the run.

Great Success we hitched a ride back to the put in for shuttle.

Good times, good lines, we are waiting for some more rains to hit this weekend and have some plans ready for action. The Chile season is just beginning...

Later E.G.