Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Palguin shit show

So here in Pucon the home river is the Palguin. It is a creek that come right off the flanks of Volcan Villarrica, meaning it carries water for the majority of the season. There are three runs to this beautiful spring fed river; The upper... is composed of 4 very nice waterfall style drops and one very powerful portage double drop. We dubbed this rapid "Exportacion" after our favorite wine down here in Chile. It also sounds like X-portage. Meaning we normally run this rapid now days. Well run might be an overstatement... This thing gives up some of the most impressive beatings I have witnessed. All the time leading to a pile of gear floating in the pool below. The good part of all this, is the drop is clean! no rocks, just lots of water in a tight space. Here she be...

All the fellas drinking wine the night before.

Rodrigo dropping in for the ride of your life.

Me, check the facial expression I got on... I broke my paddle in the mucky-ness... I believe over my helmet at the bottom on the last free fall, which we all ran upside down :)

Nate doing the upside down thing, This always happens... It has been stuck by maybe 4 people.

Nate with a broken paddle and a swim to go along with it.

Aniol Sarrassoles... Gerd's little bro, paddles with a smooth style coming over from Spain.

Annton Immer came all the way from Sweden to run this beast of the drop.

Me and the Kayak Pucon truck... broken AT rack full of kayaks.

Hope you liked the action... 3 swims (annton, nate, ian), 2 broke paddles (evan, nate), and everybody ran her upside down from the middle boil... Good fun!

We got some great Empanadas at a home made spot in Pucon... Rodrigo hablando con la Vieja que estaba cocinando. -para uds. k hablan espanol!

Later E.G.


Anonymous said...

YEAAA BALLZ!!! thats what i like to see. routing stouts breakin paddles and takin swims!!! FUCK YEA! running the real shit here boyz!

Kian said...

Hi. I found somebody's ring and i think it might be yours. I found it in August in Idaho camping by a river with my family. It has words on it that says it is for freestyle kayaking, and that it was for the world champion of 2007. My dad and i looked it up on the internet and found your blog. My dad knows some guys who kayak in Oregon. Jesse Bierman told him to call a guy named Fletch in Hood River. Fletch said to send a message on the blog. So, if you think it is your ring, you can call me at my house. 503-292-5886. Or you can call my dad's cell phone at 503-341-7754. Or, my dad says you can email him at pattonb@OHSU.edu.
But he says to please don't post these numbers on the blog. My name is Kian Patton. I am nine. I am in the 4th grade in Portland. I really like the picture of the Hooster.

Anonymous said...

hi my name is sid and i know kian. can i have your autograph?