Thursday, October 15, 2009

Waterfalls of Patagonia: Movie

Jared has been sitting at home for the past month waiting to get his ass down here to run more shit... So with all the video we shot last year for the Demshitz movie he put together an epic segment... The only problem I see with this section is, Ian didn't get his Manso F.D. shot???? Come on now... If it wasn't for him that thing would still be un-run.... But this song make me want go big. Good job Jared best edit I've seen in a while.... This is layin' treats and Demshitz running the brown for those that had questions... hahaha

" Waterfalls of Patagonia " whitewater kayaking with Demshitz! from jared seiler on Vimeo.

Later E.G.


Anonymous said...

Come on now... Ian stomping that beast is probably the sickest shot in the history of kayaking... you gotta buy demshitz for that shitz! my bad Ian. we all know youre a bad ass!
If you want it... buy it!!!

Fred Norquist said...

yes that shot is very nice i like

RiotAJ said...

Nice vid Jared! Seeing that makes me want to head down there once more.

Evan, nice updates on the blog. Seems like every time I check this place out, you have about 4 new posts. Well done sir.

I saw one of the random photos posts had the start of a structure on your land. Sick. Nice to see that is coming along.

Have fun down there fellas. Talk to you soon,


Todd Wells said...

E.G. this is some sick shit... nice clip. I want to huck some of that shit very soon. Keep stompin the stouts