Sunday, December 30, 2007

Rio Gol Gol

The Gol Gol is an amazing river in the lake district of Chile. Surrounded by huge mountains, volcanoes, and big lakes it is one of the most spectacular rivers I have done thus far. We put in right at the border between Argentina and Chile and floated down into the sets of drops and rapids. The water was high, it felt like a full on river so I was a little nervous from the get go.

Salto de Novios, the first drop of the Gol Gol. Such a good lofty boof.

After Novios we reilized that the river was super juicy so we took our time and scouted all the drops to make sure that the holes would not eat us alive. Ian took and short and easy swim out of a 5 foot ledge hole so that made the river seem even more full on at the time. (Ian doesnt that much so there was a reason)

We walked three of the big drops including a few 15 footer with monster hooles that were giveable but scary. Then we also walked a great looking 20-25 footer that I wanted so bad but was too hesitant on running, so I decided that it wasent a good idea to fire it off. We did run some more cool falls with plugs under big holes, but most of them looked a bit scary and I knew I´d be back later this summer.

Once we got to the last drop Salo de Indio which is a ver notorious falls for sending people to china and back at normal flow, Me and Chris were fired up to run something big and powerful. We scouted it for a bit and had Ian go down stream to shoot photos and video.

Chris ran first on the Salto de Indio. High water run off this thing and it sends peole under for too long at low water!!! Yeks!

Chris landed with tons of left angle so he didnt go too deep and popped up stoked to huck that powerful 45 footer. I went next and had a sick line one of the best feelings ever plugging that thing, going down for 5 seconds and coming out upright.

Me at the top of Indio after making it through the boily enterance.

Tucked up and ready to go deeper than I have ever gone.

The perfect line... but I went so deep so fast because of the shear mass of water that I had rupture my ear drum. My head was kind of spinning and I was all off balance. I paddled to the side and hopped out to chill while I got my s&$% back together. I was a little butt hurt about that injury and still am because I had such a beautiful line down such a big drop, just too much water and too much power in the sluce you have to melt I guess.

So now after being the shuttle bunny while my home dogs got to run the Rio Florine, which looked incredible, I´m back in Pucon chillin with a bum ear. It hurt like a somofabitch. The doctor told me that it wasent ruptured and gave me ear drops but after using them my ear started to leek mad puss and bit of blood so I´m just gonna kept it mellow for a bit and see what happens.

If anyone has any beta on past expirences with ear drums I would love to hear about the time frame of healing ( that my address and I would be stoked if anyone had info about it, the Doc´s here don´t seem to know whats up. Keep the head above the water!

Later E.G.

Saturday, December 29, 2007

More Middle Palguin Shots

Here are some more pictures of me running the Middle Palguin. You cant really see me if you dont click on the picture and blow it up. But it´s just the white boat I have which I spray painted green now. So you can see me next time. Can´t wait to get back up to this drop when the time is right.

Cropped picture of me starting to freefall.

The same shot but no crop.

Fully tucked up feeling the size of the drop.

Vertical ready to take a nice soft hit and rool up pumped as hell.

Rodrigo, Lj, and I chillin´at the bottom waiting for Chris´s line.

This has got to be my favorite waterfall in the world. So big and clean, but so scary that you are just sliente before running the drop. Just focusing on your line in your head ready to go big!!!! enjoy the pictures.

Later E.G.

Argentina Photo Dump

After the big huck of Bonito we tried our luck out on the Infamous Rio Escondido. They wouldnet let us in theor land because they said the water was too high. So that was a failed atempet. Then we tried to hike up the Rio Goye did for an hour or so and there was too much wood in the river to get it. Failed. The next day we triped to go look at Cascada Alerses on the Rio Manso and it was just too high. It was runnable but just so big a scary that none of us wanted to risk what it couyld deal you. So with that we just decided to get back to Pucon and run some of the closer rivers and drops. But we did see some amazing scenery and got a sick night of disco-tec´ing in Bariloche, The ladies there are unbeatable so hhoott!!!! So here is a few of the high lights of our short trip over there after Bonito.

Our camp sight at Escondido.

Alerses with some size and juice.

Ian and Chris with some booties from Bonito, pleasing the gods that let us pass safely.

Bariloche at night before the party party time.

Alerses from the front, crazt amount of water coming off that thing. Im just not that nasty!!!

Looking up the Escondido valley at the river thats at the top of my to do list in the world. Ill be back there soon enough.

And the huge Volcano at the headwaters of the Manso.

It took some patience to get back to Chile but we made in one piece with our kayaks after some epic time spent dealing with the borders. Then we did the Christmus Huckfest I just posted that before so it would come out around the 25th. Hope you enjoy the photos.

Later E.G.

Cascada Bonito

Rio Bonito, what a fitting name.

Well we packed our bags and headed to Argentina with a few drops and rivers in mind. The first thing we did was rent a nice samll Chevy Corsa. With four creek boats and gears it was quite the fit. Making it through the trechery of the Siete Lagos road with minor issues we were all the sudden at our first stop. CASCADA BONITO.

The outlook view of the falls from 300 feet away.

Scouting the enterance from way above on the canyon rim.

This is the opening drop of Twich V that Tao and Ben ran on their trip here a few years back. We Scouted for a while and had some zen moments before we decide that all of us were going to huck this monster. Thing about this drop is that opnce you decide you want to run it you have to hike way upstream and run a tight gorge to the lip. It´s totally committing once youre in there. So with that we all put in made our way through such a beautiful canyon with some drops and portages before we came upon the scaryest horizon I have ever seen.

Chris on a crack drop in the gorge above the falls.

Me scouting the drop in a very committed and lonley place.

Once we made it here and did a super class V climb to see the lip, we saw the drop and looked at eachother in awww! The level was lower than Lj and Trip had run it before so the drop looked different and more likely to boof you off the end of the twisty slide. We sat there and talked and waited only a few minuets before LJ walked up to his boat.

The basic run down for the line was: start left drop into the the right wall pick up lots of speed sliding down to the left again and fly off a crazy curler coming off the wall about 60-70 feet. I don´t know how tall it is in total, but it is gagantic for sure.

Lj on the move, running this one first for the day. But he ran this thing two years on the filming trip for Mission EP with Trip.

Lj threw his paddle had a good softish hit at the base and hand rolled up. We could not see his line only the slide part. Ian went next...

Ian coming in hot off the curler ready to fly high.

Ian tucking and ready to take a huge hit. He swam from a forced exit at the base of the falls, but was unscathed and stoked.

Then Chris and I got in our boats together to run close because I didnt want to wait alone.

Chris picking up speed before freefalling. This gives you a good idea of the size of the drop.

Chris also swam due to a big hit and not being able to hand roll in the pool, even with taking odd his elbow pad for more surface area. Then I came 30is seconds later...

Me in the same place just focusing on not boofing. How big is this thing?

I can only speak for myself but this was the biggest and scaryest drop I have ever run. So much speed and so long to fall that I was worried about boofing and breaking my back. But the drop just sent me sailing in the air I threw my paddle and missed one handroll before grabbing my paddle that was next to me and rolling up imploded and stoked as I have ever been to be at the bottom of something.

Me impoloded in the pool, Chris still swimming in the pool, feeling like a million bucks. Can´t you tell.

The group stoked to be all good and all at the bottom.

All was well and we ran a bit more whitewater before hiking out back up to the car and heading down to the awsome city of Bariloche in search of more rivers to run.

Later E.G.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Christmus Huckfest: Middle Palguin

I have to postpone the Argentina update We have been waiting ever since we got here to Chile to return to the Palguin to run this 70 footer.

There we were deep in jungle:

Ian ran first the monster first and was fired up to stomp this thing again.

My Chilean Homeslice Rodrigo running another time.

LJ strokin on the biggen'.

Me ready to tuck up and fall a long way.

Chris n her... thats the view for picture, but it's sideways again I'm not doing something right.

No issues for anyone on the drop. It was one of the tallest and softest drops I have ever run. I was scared because not only is it that big, but you have to do a really messy sea launch right into a boily pool feet above it. One of those seal launches you don't want to mess up on.

Afterwards the Gringo Tommy M invited us up to his place for a nice get together to celebrate Santa's arrival. One epic Christmus day.

A classic chilean asado afterwards. Beers and steak

Later E.G.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Trancura Wave

A fellow gringo joining me for the Sessh.

A cool picture of my goofyness.

Going for the Pistol....

Blunting in the Dagger FX, that boat is like a little potato.

This is just a nice wave under the bridge crossing the Trancura just 10-15 km outside of Pucon, Gotta love this place. Not a bad way to spend the afternoon before heading to Argentina. Photos by Kiwi Nick.

Later E.G.

Monday, December 24, 2007

Nevados: 100th Post!!!

The biggen with good light on a nice day.

Dropping in the first gorge of the run.

The next drop right after it. And if someone know how to make these stop coming up sideways, they should leave me a comment on how to do it.

After the Tres Saltos we rallied the shneez out of the Nevados it was really fun. I like very much, you know. And with that this is the 100th post on egcreekin. I started this blog 2 years ago in April and have done some amazing rivers all over the world, if you ever have the time to go back and check some older post out they are very worthy to peek at. Much more to come from Chile because I'm updating all this over a week late.

Later E.G.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Tres Saltos: Upper two

After the Malue we needed some goods so we got on it after a relaxing day on the Liacura with a Kayak Pucon trip. The Upper Tres Saltos had some good water and is super close to the classic Nevados, so there we went. That little creek is quite amazing. There is so more gradient in the last 4 drops of the creek than anywhere else I have ever seen. The last drop being a sick 50-60 footer that needs more rain to be at a good level for a sort hit at the base. So we went up the hill and ran the first two sliding falls of the short run. The first is maybe a 30ish foot tall mini cherry bomb fall drop. Very classy and fun.

Kiwi Nick on Mini Cherry Bomb.

Mua on the 1st one. sideways pic, sometimes this computer thing kills me.

The next drop wihich is right there is an Alcaseca-ish drop with a steep slide into a crack off a 10-15 footer. Also very fun and worth the short hike.

Ian on the second of the two drops we ran, cool looking slide, no?

Then with the rope we set a rope before running the drops climbed out of the gorge and hike back to the car ready for a nice afternoon on the Rio Nevados.

Later E.G.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

It ain't always good

The next day a crew of 5 went towards Argentina and paddled a classic run on the Rio Puesco. The Puesco is just basicly one boulder rapid the whole time with some steeper sections. I had done this run about 2 years ago on my 17th birthday but at minimal flows. This time the water was higher and the run was much more exciting and contained less rocks to hit. We also continued downstream to paddle the lower run which was totaly worthy as well.

So with the excitment of some old friends showing up to kayak Rodrigo, Matt, 2 Kiwi's, LJ, and us rallied all the way to Talca Chile up into the mountains in search of the infamous Rio Maule. To make a very long story short and happy we drove a total of about 17-18 hours, ate a lot of completos, and didn't paddle a droplet of water. We got to the river and reilized that we needed to cross the border to get there and none of us had passports, no go. Then there was all this dam building and the river below had no water, no go. Then the po po told us we couldn't do the river, no go. Basicly a no go. Too much driving not enough kayaking so we got back to Pucon a had an epic night of debouchery enough said. I may have some cool dam site photos to come that Rodrigo took, but we will see.

Later E.G.

Friday, December 14, 2007

C.c.c.chile man!

Volcan Villarrica the background for almost anything you do in this place.

After leaving a snowy Montana landscape Ian and I drove 12 hours to Carbondale Colorado and spent some quailty time with our good friend and ex-teacher Tom Mckee. Bringing us over Vail Pass with feet and feet of new snow we found ourselves at the Koeneke's house near the Denver airport. Gitar Hero, good food, and beds there and at 5:00 am I was off on my journey to Pucon Chile for the winter. The trip was overall very smooth and long to say the least. I got my boat on the airplane for a small fee of 50 bucks for an overweight charge.

Ian met me in Santiago and we were off to the bus station. an overnight bus was everything but nice and comfy but then before I knew it I was back in Pucon, simply off the meat rack! The first day we were lucky to met NRPW legend Matt Wilson, along with Lj Groth, Rodrigo Tushner "the local pucon ripper", and many others and go rally the Rio Nevados twice in one day. An amazing run for sure no portages but a little mank to keep reality in sight.

Matty Wilson firing up the biggest drop in the Nevados with us watching on.

It's so amazing to be back in such an incredible place with good friends kayaking and hanging out. I've been here a week now and have done some sick stuff, so I will have more to throw up on the blog when i get time.

Later E.G.