Friday, December 14, 2007

C.c.c.chile man!

Volcan Villarrica the background for almost anything you do in this place.

After leaving a snowy Montana landscape Ian and I drove 12 hours to Carbondale Colorado and spent some quailty time with our good friend and ex-teacher Tom Mckee. Bringing us over Vail Pass with feet and feet of new snow we found ourselves at the Koeneke's house near the Denver airport. Gitar Hero, good food, and beds there and at 5:00 am I was off on my journey to Pucon Chile for the winter. The trip was overall very smooth and long to say the least. I got my boat on the airplane for a small fee of 50 bucks for an overweight charge.

Ian met me in Santiago and we were off to the bus station. an overnight bus was everything but nice and comfy but then before I knew it I was back in Pucon, simply off the meat rack! The first day we were lucky to met NRPW legend Matt Wilson, along with Lj Groth, Rodrigo Tushner "the local pucon ripper", and many others and go rally the Rio Nevados twice in one day. An amazing run for sure no portages but a little mank to keep reality in sight.

Matty Wilson firing up the biggest drop in the Nevados with us watching on.

It's so amazing to be back in such an incredible place with good friends kayaking and hanging out. I've been here a week now and have done some sick stuff, so I will have more to throw up on the blog when i get time.

Later E.G.

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