Thursday, December 27, 2007

Christmus Huckfest: Middle Palguin

I have to postpone the Argentina update We have been waiting ever since we got here to Chile to return to the Palguin to run this 70 footer.

There we were deep in jungle:

Ian ran first the monster first and was fired up to stomp this thing again.

My Chilean Homeslice Rodrigo running another time.

LJ strokin on the biggen'.

Me ready to tuck up and fall a long way.

Chris n her... thats the view for picture, but it's sideways again I'm not doing something right.

No issues for anyone on the drop. It was one of the tallest and softest drops I have ever run. I was scared because not only is it that big, but you have to do a really messy sea launch right into a boily pool feet above it. One of those seal launches you don't want to mess up on.

Afterwards the Gringo Tommy M invited us up to his place for a nice get together to celebrate Santa's arrival. One epic Christmus day.

A classic chilean asado afterwards. Beers and steak

Later E.G.

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