Sunday, May 06, 2007

World Championships of "THE WORLD"

T.Faux bouncing huge for a 2nd place finish in the womens finals.
Me #59 in the ahh part of a pan am on my way to first in the finals
Me using the tow rope to get out on to the wave another part of the event that added a new element for some competitors.
Andrew Holcomb getting off the water for his 9th place finish in the mens simi finals.
Marlow Long hanging a clean out huge in the perlims steezy skillilz.
Me clean blunting in the simi finals.

Just on my way home from the Ottawa river right now I'm stuck in the airport in the heartland of America. For the last 10 days I have been staying at Wilderness Tours and competing in worlds. I didn't really have much training for the event due to the lack of time in my playboat and amount of time creeking in California but I still pulled off the win over the rest of the worlds jr. men. I had to use a friends boat and skirt while competing because of a lack of organization skills packing for the trip. The competition was set up in a good format for a big wave comp. The prelims were 4 rides best 2 counted. Simi's were 2 best 1 was taken. Finals were 3 rides best counted for the win. Overall it was a good time and I'm totally excited that I took first now I am off the graduate high school this weekend then I'm back off to California for the summer loving. late EG

Saturday, May 05, 2007

Early Season Colorado Creeking

Now back in Montana, "Gods Country" i look back over the last year i spent in CO and i am sure hapy to be home with clean rivers and the big sky. but in the last week i was fortuante enough to hit up one rarely run section of the Uncompahgre River above Ouray. Featuring one of the coolest gorges i have ever paddled through. The river was low and was flowing in the small window that will barely allow you to pass through the gorge successfully. It was a pretty crazy place with mile long gorges of never ending class four, and a gorge only about fifteen feet wide and 150 feet high. . The multiple gorges made for a full dayh of scouting and advice to anyone dropping in, it would be recomended to scout all sections on each and every run. After that while finishing up my finals, the early hot weather brought the ultra classic Oh-Be-Joyful creek in crested butte in and provided some good steam blowoff aside from the never ending sudying.
But i will say it is great to be back in Montana and see the beautiful mountains and begin thinking about the large drops and sick play spot coming fo rthe s