Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Rodrigo's Demshitz party in Europa...

If you read my blog.... you will know that I have been lazy as of lately... sorry to all you guys out there trying to see some kayaking. I have been going out on the river damn near everyday but in a 13 foot inflateabel raft not my Jefe Grande. I have made it out on some good days though and I'm am in the mist of a computer disaster right now so I have been off the blogger wagon. I will drop this news on you guys and then go off and make a nice edit of some of this summers fun times.

Rodrigo Tushner... our Chilean compadre, kayaking master in his own right, is over in his second home of Italy killing it as normal.

Rodrigo once told me that there are two rivers that feed the main stream they raft in this valley... no one will kayak these class V rivers with him... and call him crazy for even thinking of doing them so he goes solo.... my man.

running the shit.

Anyway he went off and did a good good thing.... A demshitz premiere party in his home town overe there. It looked like htis with lots of people showing up enjoying a plethora of running big drops and having good times along the way.

Looks like some good times over there in Italy.... It's only a month until I go to Chile once again and start my onslaught of kayaking once again. I couldn't be more stoked to go anywhere else....

Once I get a computer I will toss up a sick video from this summer.

Later E.G.