Sunday, July 19, 2009

7/17/09 L-Dub

So as the summer moves along and the weather keeps getting warmer daily... there is still one place where we can hide from this cruel world. The same old O.G. river we do all the time... But there is nothing to complain about. When thinking of favorite river around the world. You just can't even try and compare them to this gem. It's just not fair.

So what we did was lay some on um'.... what you ask? Treats I say.

The Coug boofing sackers ledge... let it go let it flow.

The Skippler chillin' below S-turn.... what is life all about.

Wilie running back ender... my man.

Lj running the Bowie's hotel hole... getting in to the good shiiiat.

Steeze is an ease when flowin' with deeze.

Myself running some spirit falls... bad photo good place to be.

Big cities and bright lights... short days and long nights... no stress and no strife... I'm high off living the life. NF Payette, then I'm off to SLC for some O.R. show madness.

The 9 to 5 Husum falls rafting with the Ball Stars.

Later E.G.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Ohanapecosh River, Silver Falls

After a sick/epic day on the Cispus with good juice flow we camped out at the take out of that run readying us for another day out in WA. Our first choice was the Clear fork of the Cowlitz, which was looking low and full of wood. Then with a little fear and starry stout gleam we drove back to Silver Falls only a few short minutes up the road.

Lower flows had me pumped and having another fired up paddler with me made my decision easy.... TO STOUT.

My second lap of Silver falls this summer. Lower flows, but it still dropped as much as ever.

Joining me for this stout, My huckfest amigo Jared Seiler. Buy Demshitz the movie Silver falls is a big full on drop.

Then we went down stream and got on a super beautiful class fun run of the Ohane. With perfectly clear waters and greats boofs, it was a true classic.

All the brown going down these days.

More and more y'all keep it up this summer out there on your local rivers and creeks. Get outside and in your boat I command you!!!!

Later E.G.

Monday, July 06, 2009

Beaver boys on the Salmons

Checking in here from our comfy living room at the lodge here on northwestern lake. We have been in the thick of rafting season at All Star, but we are still getting out on the river. For the past many moons we have gotten out on three different Salmon rivers. The Little White Salmon, The White Salmon, and the Salmon river gorge (which i didn't do). The levels are still holding in there and we are still loving it as much as always. So enjoy the photos from all over the place from the last month or so here at the lodge.

Master Blaster Disaster.

The Chuck Beavers freewheel.

Hood River.

Nate Garcia on the Frustration falls in the Salmon Gorge.

Stout master on the Stovepipe.

Our majestic all powerful headwaters.

4.5 feet on the stout... right before we left for the love tour.

The Little White spillway coming out the fish hatchery.

Kiwi Steve running the middle of Big Brother.

Tom Simenc running a good line at Spirit....

Little Brother at some high water.

Happy birthday America
Later E.G.