Monday, September 28, 2009

Entre Saltos: Garganta del Diablo

Now in Chile and stoked to be back to a regiment of paddling we got it started off right with a quick stop off at the Rio Claro home if the Siete Tazas... We did not do the classic run though. We went up stream to drop into some very dramatic canyons with big waterfalls. You may recognize this drop from a Pyranha add with Gerd the Spanish kid... who got the first D 3 years ago. So the first day we did the 22 Saltos (waterfalls) and left it at that... I have an update for the run later because Ian has the photos on a dead camera. So this is what we did Day 3 in Chile.....

We woke up to some snow on the ground... it's not quite summer here.

Ian leading us down into the meat of the canyon.

Pali... a good chilean kayaker buddy boofing into the point of commitment

Pangal bringing some freestyle downriver....

What we came for.... It was scary looking from the pool.

Me running first... One of the coolest feelings to this day in my kayak.

Nico Buenaventura... Demshitz Chile team running brown.

Nate-dog.... back with me creeking it up...

And completing the Garcia trio Ian taking up the rear....

The next drop... going into the underworld canyon. From there down is the most scary place you could find yourself in a kayak. But it all goes and we all had a good time enjoying the views and drops.

Hope you like the beautiful photos by Xavier...

Later E.G.

Whitewater River, N.C.

So as soon as I made the cross country journey from Bozeman MT to Johnson City TN with my lady... It started to rain. With a few days after Gauleyfest to kayak I headed out of town to Asheville to get on some brown. I met up with a good buddy Sam Morgan for a run down the Whitewater river... Without any beta we set off for a day on the water.

The slide leading to the Mini-gorge.

The first... and the crux of the gorge in my mind.

Myself on the exit falls... it was smooth.

This is the big slide of the run... I scouted it for the group. There was a piece of wood hanging out in to the pool between drops that I got stuck on. It was alright because it was shallow and I just got out on the log to self rescue my boat. Big drop for sure.

We ran into another group of south easterners... Toby back at it with a nice boof.

It was a day full of good whitewater on the " "... I got an accidental first descent on the big slide under the logs into the Mini-gorge... Pat told me it was very probable that it was a first, because there used to be more logs blocking the route. We had the most prettiest shuttle bunny in the world at the take out... remedy's and we were off to the races and back to the real world once again... I had to get ready for my big trip to Chile. Yep it's that time of year.

Later E.G.

Monday, September 07, 2009

Green Truss Highlights 2009 Film

The Green Truss is the true Beaver Lodge back yard run and is held close to our hearts. At flows from 2-5 feet on the bridge scale it is one of the best runs in the US. Still a bit inferior to the LWS in my opinion, it has its +'s, but Treats are still found in abundance. Enjoy some sick video shots I got this summer and spring.

Green Truss 2009 from jared seiler on Vimeo.

More to come soon....

Later E.G.

Friday, September 04, 2009

Little White Highlights Film

Egcreekin is back...

with a broke ass computer I have been very under the blogging weather, Now with a working unit and lots of footie and pictures from the summer I will start doing some good updates once again. Here is a bunch of good footy I shot on the Little White over this spring and summer... enjoy the good lines and new angles of these oh so classic drops we have grown to love.

Little White 2009 from jared seiler on Vimeo.

Hope you liked it all.... only 3 weeks til' I head to Chile, It's gonna be high water and cold weather... what will go down? Stay tuned to find out just what lays ahead for the youth of America.

Later E.G.