Monday, September 03, 2007

Fall and Winter Missions+News Update

Land of dirty water and big waterfalls...AKA...Vera Cruz!!!!

Yep that's right I and a group of miss-fit pirates are headed down south to that nice state in Mexico.

LJ on da S-turn River: Alcaseca.

Chile!!!! is going about a month after I get back from Mexico so good things to come amigos "Chile es muy bueno"

Sideways picture of the old middle Palguin. Now instead of 10 to 40 to 50. It is a 10 to a 70-75 footer dam!!!! It has been changing yearly so I hope this year will be as god as last with a clean freefall and deep pool.

I will be there for awhile. I think for around 3 months. More info on that trip will come with time, as i need more money to make it work the way I want it to.

In other news I ran the Great grand glorious Gallatin for the first time today. At a strong flow of 450cfs. Good times!

Cheese my main man!!! Don't know why this is here but it's funny and entertaning.

So you don't kill yourself after reading this update, here is a sick video of Cheese dropping 60 foot Sutherland falls. This is an ill shot but it was taken with a small picture camera so the quality is very poor...not useable for a real movie. Full quality will be shown in "THE FLOW II". Buy it, or burn it off the internet and pump it outside, we keepin' it live, we keepin' it live!

So here it is with some nice commentary by David Deed, a McCall hommie who came to skook with the Daggel twins. There is a good winter of kayaking to come and some dam good pictures and video to check out.

keep it real. Later E.G.