Monday, May 23, 2011

Grand Prix Updates 11-14 BFTV

Here are the last 4 videos of the BFTV Grand Prix saga! They took us a lot of work to put together and we are proud of them....NOT. It was pure good times, a lot of work, but its what we love doin'. Hope you guys all enjoyed the content, music, and style we put forth here on these edits. The Grand Prix was one of the best and most fun things me and my kayak have ever been a part of...Millions of thanks top Pat Cambin and Julie who made this event possible. All the people who came together and competed or helped was a huge team effort and all in all we killed it! Hopefully I will be invited back for next years comp and hopefully I will bring some more heat in my play boat. I guess that means I need to actually go play boating. I was throughly impressed with what I saw coming from the top guys in the play world...crazy air and control! They are really taking it to the next level out there...

For now I'm back in Montana, my homeland kayaking bit getting ready for the summer of madness that is about to ensue. The west coast is so packed with snow that the run off has barely started. So there is gonna be some serious potential for some huckings and surfings. Enjoy the last 4 updates...

Big Water on the Misstasini River...

The downriver freestyle event and more big water brownings...

The sickest "rodeo" of all times!

The stout ass Giant Slalom race!

Some photo updates coming soon!!!!

Later E.G.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Grand Prix days 6-10 videos

Coming at ya 6-10 from the Whitewater Grand Prix. Tyler Bradt and I put these videos together everyday to show all the people back home how things were going up there in Quebec. Continue to enjoy the videos and make sure to keep your eyes on egcreekin and for more exciting updates and stories to come...I'm back in Montana and it's raining harder than I have ever seen before.

Gladiator Big Trick Competition!

Ruins Wave session followed by hot tub fiasco!

Rouge River big water boater cross!

White Dog section of the Rouge river!

Steep Creek Race in La tuque, Quebec!

Hope you guys are digging the videos...more to come!

Later E.G.

Monday, May 16, 2011

1-5 BFTV Grand Prix Updates

Ok egcreekin hommies sorry about the scares updates the last two week, but priorities were towards the site and getting hits and traffic for our new project...bombflow TV! These videos have been up for about 10 days or so depending on the day, but if you haven't seen them they are all epic, all time, brown, awesome-ness! This is day 1-day 5 and there is plenty more from where this came from...enjoy the sick cinematography, edits, tunes, and kayaking!

Days 6-10 edits coming soon and tons of photos to go along with them! Insane amounts of epic content came from this event make sure to check out everybody's sites to get the full picture and all the stories.

Later E.G.