Sunday, October 24, 2010

Rio Jalacingo ¨Bukaki Slide¨

El Rancho Ortiz outside of the small city of Moan...the Jalacingo is in the backyard!

After a nice warm up day on the Big B. section we knew that The Alsaseca´s brother river (The Jalacingo) was at a good level to start and knock off some of it´s harder sections. We went ahead and hiked all the way to the first drop of the run, Bukaki. Rafa and a crew of Canadian buddies, Joel, Nick, Ben, etc. found this drop two years ago on another mission to the area and got the first D. This drop is a messy, fast, sliding, multi tiered falls. Can I use any more adjectives to discribe this drop??? Yes, Brown!

Myself scouting the drop from the top putting all the moves together.

One of the most unique and strange looking rapids I have seen.

Rafa dropping in to the meaty pillow.

The final tier of Bukaki falls.

Todd working it out right about to throw a sick back free wheel off the lip.

After figuring out how we were going to shoot this drop we all lined it up with pretty much good clean lines across the board. Todd did an amazing back freewheel off the last freefall which was a mistake, but looked like pure treat layage. the rest of the run back to where we started out hike included a portage, some fun boofs, and a very tight sluce box drop that had us on our feet. When we arrived back to the truck we made one quick portage and ended the run with a totally clean 25 footer at a trout farm.

Deep deep in the darkest jungles of Veracruz we walked.

A great event took place there. Matt Baker, Rush´s filming partner got in a boat for his first time ever and hucked the falls. He swam of course, but had one heck of a time doing it. That was it for the frist of 3 days bad ass days on the Jalacingo. I will get the next two very exciting days up soon.

Later E.G.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Mexico Y La Revolucion

Well there's not much to say at this point. Mexico is the bomb and there is a lot of kayaking to be done here. Beers and big waterfalls! The mixture happens to be a good one...lucky for us. After a whole day filming in Mexico city, the largest in the world, we finally bounced out of the siphon of 27 million people and off to the country, the city of Tlapacoyan, and the home of the Rio Alsaseca.

The first day we chose to do the Big Banana Canyon which is one of the longer and more quality runs you can find in all of Mexico. The day starts off by looking up at the 110 foot tall Big Banana falls, we are sure to give it a good scout one of these days. Then once downstream in the canyon the rapids become better and better the further you go. A few 30 foot falls lead in to an incredible boxed in gorge that is only class II, but has some very cool energy to experience.

After exiting the gorge you find yourself at the lip of a terrible looking 40 foot falls that is known as "The Silence". This drop became infamous from some epic beat down footage in Scott Lindgen's movie Burning Time. Todd Wells and I decided to give it a go and had good lines making it right and boofing hard. Round that out with some sick sets of incredible basalt water falls and the oh-so-sweet "Meatlocker" double boof and we completed our first day of the trip. What a classic run. It was my third time down this dope section and it still felt better than ever!

Check out some photos I snapped off from the city and Big Banana run...

I'm writing this post from pretty deep in the trip and we have already checked off some of the big stouts that we have planned to run! so keep an eye out for some sweet updates, stories, and photos coming soon.

Later E.G.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

M-Wave Sessions

The M-Wave has been somewhat of my salvation the last 3 weeks I have been living in Colorado. Autumn has fully set in here in Crested Butte and not much has been going on in the kayaking front. I have spent a lot of time going through old footage and importing this summer's tapes to remember all the insane good times I had with so many incredible friends.

While first surfing M-Wave I truly sucked terribly. No joke, I could barely catch the wave to save my life. It has a learning curve for sure. I am used to hopping in my kayak and being a great boater on a normal day out. This was different and really challenging. After a few sessions I started to get some tricks and catch the wave more often. I always met up with a crew of Gunnison boaters that are pretty much locals to this wave, and they showed me how to rip this drainage ditch feature. Jon Meyers, Tyler Allyn, and Tom Sutherland have been going to the M-Wave religiously for the past many years while attending Western State College only an hour away. So here is a few pictures that candace snapped off on a few really fun session to the wave. Enjoy the first playboating update on EGcreekin since 2008 at Skook hahahaha.

Tyler Allyn going for a Pistol Flip...believe it or not I have seen him stick this trick on this wave more than a few times.

Out to Lunch, enjoying himself a bit too much maybe.

O.E.B. blunting off the right shoulder.

Not gay at all!

Mr. Allyn cleaning it up at 10:30 PM!

Mr. W-Mave "Hotze" and Mr. Allyn sharing this wave.

The night session crew. Myself, Jon, Alex, Tyler, and Tom.

Jonny catching the wave with headlights of two trucks showing him the way.

Nuclear testing out in the dessert. Maybe there is a reason why Montrose is kinda weird.

Lief ripping up this dynamic feature.

Jon Meyers path of destruction...Helix.

Cleaning up my act.

The night session was a hell of a god time out there. I want to do it again someday. Now that M-Wave season is over for me. I am stoked to have finally gotten back in my play boat and gotten in shape for the fall missions that are coming up really fast.

Later E.G.

Friday, October 08, 2010

Fantasy Falls; North fork of the Mokelumne 2008

This is a section off a movie I made from the summer of 2008 called "Burnt Summer". Being one of my favorite films I have made, I know not many people have had the chance to see this movie. So here is one short segment of the movie that goes from the East Kaweah all the way to the Metlako falls all the way to the Stikine. It is a West Coast riders movie.

Anyway this edit is of my favorite trip I have done on the Fantasy Falls. We had perfect levels in my mind and a great crew. Enjoy this blast from the past and if you are interested in buying a copy of Burnt Summer contact me at

Fantasy Falls, California 2008 from Evan Garcia on Vimeo.

Later E.G.

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Rio Claro Canyon, Chile

Rio Claro Canyon, Chile from Evan Garcia on Vimeo.

I have been waiting for some time to edit this footage of the Rio Claro that didn't make it in to Dashboard Empanada. This was our first day of the season last year and a great start to what was sure to be the most epic Chile season ever had. The Garganta del Diablo is the most committing canyon on the Rio Claro and holds one of the most unique drops I have ever run. The river drops 20 feet into a perfect 180 degree berm turn then shoots you off an other 20-30 feet of free fall. It is quite an experience to run this drop and be at the bottom of this river gorge. At times you can't even see the sky, both walls are con-caved so much that all you see is the right wall over lapping the left.

Enjoy this short tease of what it is like to be in this amazing gorge. This video was the last thing I ever shot with the standard definition Go Pro. They were amazing cameras until the HD's came out and totally changed the POV industry forever. The tune is "Si Tu" by "King Kong Klick" they are a hip hop group from Santiago, Chile. Thought it would be appropriate for the video. If you haven't seen Dashboard Empanada have to get will go to Chile after watching it. There is a Pay Pal buy now button at the top right of this blog.

Later E.G.

Sunday, October 03, 2010

East Fork of the Kaweah Edit 2010

East Kaweah 2010 from Evan Garcia on Vimeo.

This video was from a two day session on the East Kaweah in May of this year. I had the good fortune of get to paddle with my younger brother (Nasty-Nate Dogg) and his friends Erik Johnson and Andy Walker from our home town Bozeman, MT. Joining us for the week was a Colorado boater, from Durango, Nate Klema. He was a solid fun paddler to hop on and off the river while running around the state.

This run was one of the best memories from this past summer...good friends, good weather, classic, clean, and we were for sure the only ones out there. Enjoy this edit I just tossed together and get ready for some sick shit...Mexico in 10 days!

Later E.G.