Saturday, December 29, 2007

More Middle Palguin Shots

Here are some more pictures of me running the Middle Palguin. You cant really see me if you dont click on the picture and blow it up. But it´s just the white boat I have which I spray painted green now. So you can see me next time. Can´t wait to get back up to this drop when the time is right.

Cropped picture of me starting to freefall.

The same shot but no crop.

Fully tucked up feeling the size of the drop.

Vertical ready to take a nice soft hit and rool up pumped as hell.

Rodrigo, Lj, and I chillin´at the bottom waiting for Chris´s line.

This has got to be my favorite waterfall in the world. So big and clean, but so scary that you are just sliente before running the drop. Just focusing on your line in your head ready to go big!!!! enjoy the pictures.

Later E.G.

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