Sunday, December 16, 2007

It ain't always good

The next day a crew of 5 went towards Argentina and paddled a classic run on the Rio Puesco. The Puesco is just basicly one boulder rapid the whole time with some steeper sections. I had done this run about 2 years ago on my 17th birthday but at minimal flows. This time the water was higher and the run was much more exciting and contained less rocks to hit. We also continued downstream to paddle the lower run which was totaly worthy as well.

So with the excitment of some old friends showing up to kayak Rodrigo, Matt, 2 Kiwi's, LJ, and us rallied all the way to Talca Chile up into the mountains in search of the infamous Rio Maule. To make a very long story short and happy we drove a total of about 17-18 hours, ate a lot of completos, and didn't paddle a droplet of water. We got to the river and reilized that we needed to cross the border to get there and none of us had passports, no go. Then there was all this dam building and the river below had no water, no go. Then the po po told us we couldn't do the river, no go. Basicly a no go. Too much driving not enough kayaking so we got back to Pucon a had an epic night of debouchery enough said. I may have some cool dam site photos to come that Rodrigo took, but we will see.

Later E.G.

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