Thursday, October 22, 2009

Some Pucón Love

As the season progresses here in Pucón more people have shown up to come and run brown. A group of cool Spanish kids arrived a week ago with a good mate from Sweden as well. So for the last little bit we have been firing some stuff off and getting out on the river everyday. Here are some cool shots of the weeks adventures and highlights by Annton Immer and Aniol Sarassoles. Enjoy the picture of these beautiful rivers.

I got my paddle and some bread... Im ready to go kayaking.

My first run on the Salto Muerte of this year... The higher flows made the boof harder but the landing more soft.

Ian getting plundered in the portage on the Palguin.

Layin a treat... Salto de la Muerte is about 30 feet tall and lands in about 3 feet of water. Do the Math... 30/3=big boof.

Aniol (La Kobra) runs the Muerte.

Aniol surfing out of the base of the Muerte.

The second drop of the Desahue... good seem action in there.

Wall fall. Rio Nevados.

Another beautiful horizon on the Puesco.

Brown that shit... this one goes out to all my Demshitz.

Aniol boofing on the Desahue.

GUS love on a nice big boof.

Pebre... Estilo Chileno!

Zoro asado master and kayaking compadre...

So with nuemerous runs of the Palguin, Nevados, Puesco, and Desahue we have had a good time with some new friends in town... The last two days have been cold and full of rain, and more Demshitz show up soon. There are some good plans to head south coming in to play and we are all very excited to see how much rain we can get...

Later E.G.


mefford said...

e g, what are you doing in that G U S homes?
don't get me wrong, i love the three letters. but we are in the jefe era...

Anonymous said...

GUS is sick, lovin' the treats