Monday, January 19, 2009

Manso Gorge 09'

After escaping Pucon's siphon once again Demshitz drove down through Argentina and met up with our hommie Jared Seiler who had left 2 days prior with Team Marginal. They ran Alerces and The Ojo.... So we were fired to hear that the levels weer still good to go. With that said Ian, Jared, and I put on the long section known as the Manso Gorge with our nice buddies running the long shuttle on their way to Futa.

I did this run last year with more water and we had a sick day... putting in at Alerces falls and only making a portage around a massive 60 footer in the depths of the Canyon. This year we were stoked to see it again with less flow, rumor sayz that last February a German ran it.... So we wanted to give her as well.

That's what we did... starting the day with a perfect 40 foot huck we ran it all... completing the second descent of the huge portage falls in the inner gorge. It made for one of the best days of hucking of the trip so far. All three of us ran it with good lines all around. No good photos of the drops because we only had video up and running. Jared was rocking a GoPro camera so here are some freeze's off his footie... you can't tell whats happening all you know is the it's BIG!!!

In the maw at the Alerces falls... good morning.

The massive stout we all ran.. it was sick. To see it all you must go see the Demshitz movie this may....

We then took off and went straight to the Ojo.... keep you eye up for the update as well... it's a top 5'er for me...

Later E.G.

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Anonymous said...

Sweet shit! Pour a little Pisco for my fallen bro Sully who passed away on the Manso a few years years back, a true Montuckyian! Keep up the huckin!