Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Pucon Photo Update #1

As time goes on... our rivers flow forth through the gutters of the earth. We are here to take our time and energy to explore, enjoy, and document these great places. Sometimes, we are good at this and others, not so much! The past few weeks have been very good to us here in this sleepy town in Southern Chile... which, at times, isn't so sleepy. Many good rivers have opened their doors and let us pass through the chasms they posses. So here, with a hot list of rivers under our belts and some big hucks to accent our paddling ventures, I give you the first of the Egcreekin "Catch Up" photo updates from Patagonia. Photos by Lj Groth, Jake Greenbaum, and Aniol Serrasolses.

Villarrica in all its glory hosting us to the goods of Pucon... even though we've only seen it twice this month.

Got the wings out for Lj's first day in Pucon... thanks for the shot my friend.

Paddle gone, "Falling down," I love the Three Jumps (Tres Saltos) of Pucon....

First female descent of Tres Saltos by Sol, from Buenos Aires.

The Trancura Valley what a beautiful sight... Volcan Lanin and Volcan Catchropiran. These volcanos are the headwaters of the Palguin and Trancura rivers.

Natedizzy stomping the wall fall on the Nevados with some juicy flows.

Enjoying the natural wonders of having over 100 active volcanos in Chile... Los Pozones, Pucon's number one Termas.

Gringo Soto running the crux of the Nevado... pure Chilean style from the Bandolero de Pucon.

Gotta get some Turbio love when you can... the rains come and we go.

Anton ran the Stout on the Turbio... props to this Swedish/African with dem cajones!

A tight sick drop on the Rio Plata... shot by Jake Greenbaum.

The mystic elements of the of the wild canyons of the rivers mountains. -Jared

Las Kayakistas guapos (Anton, Jared, Evan, Rodrigo).

An asado with my Spanish brothers... and Zoro the asado master.

Ok, now I'm going to wait until tomorrow to put another post up with even bigger and better shots... We have gotten some good opportunities to go out and capture kayaking at its finest. Hope the rivers are flowing free, wherever you might be....

Later E.G.


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