Thursday, December 24, 2009

Demshitz Canyon of the Nevados

With some good days now under our belts, and the levels looking perfect, we knew it was time again for the Lower Nevados. Rodrigo and I ran this Canyon early this year...Demshitz Drop October... and now after the up's and down's of the spring season the level was back in. We got a fired up good crew to drop back in the canyon and made the move. With higher water than ever the canyon was the real deal and made for an exciting day full of shitz runnings. Enjoy the photos and story....

Leaving Pucon early in the morning we knew time was of the essence on this day... Lj and Rodrigo had to be back by 3:30pm for work. After the small 45min drive we arrived at the river to see a high side of good level. With out much thought we all said it looked good to go and lined up for the descent of the first challenge of the Lower run... Demshitz Drop.

Rodrigo going first in the holy light before the heart of darkness.

Jared greasing up the tough entrance to the big drop.

Lj doing some Retendo moves in the mucky muck.

At the Lip...

Ready for the hit at the bottom of the Demshitz drop...

Once your at the bottom of the big boy, there is a certain sense of dispare...because you now have to run the Diablito... a manky mini cherry bomb falls into a butt crack of sort... Check it.

The Diablito at it's finest!

Trying to get straightened out above the pinch.

Jared completely pinned in his own named rapid. Jared spent about 5 minutes pinned in the falls until Rodrigo got a rope on him, then leading to a quick skirt pull to leap of faith down stream to the saftey of a sieved out pool. All was well when we finally got his boat out of the crack and conitnued our way downwards.

This is the most quality clean drop of the run... not the biggest, but the smoothest.

Lj laying it down on the beautiful Nutrient boof.

Jared deep in the gorge running some rad drops.

You have these two beauties make you feel good before exiting the box gorge to a series of mini slides and boofs... fun aftre so much adreniline has passed through you... We then came back to this run 5 days later with a lower flow to get it one last time for the season... here are some photos by Ron Fischer...

Our second run was less epic...due to less carnage. Still just as fun even with a lower flow. The Lower Nevado is one of the best run in Pucon and one of the most beautiful canyons in Chile...keep ya head dry.

Later E.G.