Saturday, December 05, 2009

Middle Palguin Papa!

Middle Palguin once again? Why you ask?...because it's the best damn waterfall in Chile, perhaps. The water has been holding at a very juicy level for the past month and this has forced us to push our comfort levels up and up. This means higher descents of our ever loved, classic runs and hucks. The Middle section of the Rio Palguin, which holds one of the biggest and most beautiful waterfalls I have found throughout my travels, has been one of our main sights in the past few weeks. After doing a cool (Code-ops) film day on this stout, I was all fired up to go back out there with some more of my boys. So after leaving Pucón and eating two tasty empanadas on our way there I was ready to get some....

Las Ratas getting ready to huck.

A big, boily pool to fall into.

The group all atop the stout ready and willing.

We had a large group of people ready to run the stout, but our Chilean friend, Zoro, was offering to give us a show and run it first.

Zoro, firing it up first, like it aint no thing.

Vamos Papa!

LJ getting an artistic angle at the lip.

Bone out!!!

Here is my line from the bottom...

Montucky lovin´wrangling up dem lost remos...

Aniol doing a good job dealing with a hard seal lanch.

Aniol setting up a perfect line.

Aniol Sarrasolses...Cobra style.

Batlle Pro at the top of the Medio looking so small.

Toddfater getting ready to run his biggest drop yet.

Toddfather looking good from a downstream angle, giving a good measure to the fall´s true size.

Although there were good lines down the falls by everyone in our group, it was the power of the boil and amount of water that got the majority of our group. With epic downtimes and imploded skirts 3 of 6 crew members swam in the pool below. This made quite the downstream chase for Cobra and I, as we collected boats and paddles. 2 laps many more can we get before this manna from heaven runs out ???

After a sick day on the water, the group got together for a classic, Chilean asado. Meat was consumed, booties were drank, and good times were had...

All the Ratas!!!

Photos by: LJ Groth, Marc Parra, & Todd Richey.

Later E.G.