Friday, January 29, 2010

The Todo Middle Palguin

With my body being all healed up after some rest I was back at it with full force. We ran the entire Nevados the day before this and had all that fire built up. As we left Babilon and neared the normal put in the muffler fell off our small Cheve... so we were forced to stop and put in at the Middle section (Always scary). We said it must be a sign, so all of us geared up quick... Aniol decided that the Boof to swim was looking right so he hiked up to give it a try.

Aniol boofing the titz off the hermano chico...Boof to Swim known by the locals. He didn't swim though ;)

After that we were at a very firmilar lip once again. the last time I was here I watched Jared and Lj run the was my time to go for it now. Pinxo fell off the beast first to get to the pool below in case some thing hit the fan in the stout 10. Aniol and I were ready to go so we roashed for the line up.

Pinxo going first to run some safety and get the stout out of the way.

I won the rock-paper-sissors and went next. This shot is on my way to the second clean line through this entry since the change. This thing is so scary, but good to go, the line is just very thin. Late boof....

Arms up, 65 feet to go...paddle about to go flying. My favorite picture of the just turned out good.

Paddle gone, bows up...hands on cockpit ready for the impact. I barley rolled on the stout and got to shore so stoked to have not gotten beat down in this moster double drop. I couln't have been more stoked to have run this entire drop. It was my 10th time off the 70 footer and 1st time for the entry...good stuff. Now I got to watch Aniol's line.

Aniol went next and fell off line in the entry...he went deep and had to make a clutch roll...this shot was taken shortly after, he got his shit together and stomped the stout with a perfect line. good job my man.

BattlePro went next with the crazy line, but was all good. After the huckfest we ran down the wood bridge and fixed the cars pipe so we could make it back to Pucon. This was another one of my big goals reached this season down here. This drop has so much build up and feels so good to get down the first time...this won't be the last time for me on the Stout 10. Have fun and keep reaching for the sky.

Later E.G.


RiotAJ said...


Did you guys run Turbino as well? Or just the BTS, Stout ten, Stout combo?

Nice posts. Glad you are back on the water.

...Currently 18 degrees and snowy here. Enjoy babylon brother.


Golder said...

Killin it!

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