Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Back on the Horse.

After 3 sunny nice days at the beach and nine days off the water for my healing stiches, I finally got back on the horse. Tyler and Logan came and picked me up from the Desahue house and we ran to the Rio Nevado for a warm up on the upper run.

Demshitz medicine...if your on the DL gotta get your buzz on.

I used to love these things when I was growing up in Montana...I happened to find one on the beachin Pichilemu.

Sweet Love "Dulce Amor" Treats laid, billz paid! Back on the water happy as a little fuzzy lamb.

Logan leaning it over again and again.

Ty Curtis throwing a nice boof off the lip of the last drop in the Upper Nevado gorge.

Shooting my Salto Palguin bootie...taste the gnar, Please the gods!

Some pretty flowers on the side of the river. I thought that this was the national flower of Chile (Copihue), but my smarty pants palola proved me wrong. It's great to be back on the water again enjoying the water that we still are blessed with...

Photos by the astonishing Candace Sanders

Later E.G.

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