Sunday, January 10, 2010

Feeling Immortal?

The Desahue is, for the most part, a rally run full of great amusing drops to be run without scouting day after day. There is one exception...Salto de la Muerte (Waterfall of Death). This drop could be called the Big Boy of Pucon. 30 feet of freefall into less than 3 feet of water. This calls for one heck of a good boof tecnique... you wanna land flat, but not hurt your back...while dodging a pretty big hole and lanching off a funny lip. So feeling lucky ya????

One of the best/biggest boofs I know of...anywhere in the world.

Ian getting extra steezy in his old age...seriously maine!!!

On this day a bunch of us decided to run the Muerte falls, instead of portage it. We all had big nice boofs and good lines... Happy days boys.

BattlePro estaba muy nerivoso... pero aqui esta haciendo un boof gigante, al linia perfecta.

Jared ripping off a nice line off the Muerte.

Anton slaying El Salto Muerte (death falls).

Villarrica as seen from our kitchen window... so beautiful.

More good time asados at the Casa Garcia.

You wanna count your runs off this puppy...once you've run it enough times clean, do you want more? The answer is normally yes! Hahaha get some and keep it safe out there.

Also check this sick update out from Aniol Sarrasolses Kayak Aniol.

Later E.G.


Shane Benedict said...

Sweet Shot of EG Candace!

Team KayakPucon said...

dude where is photo of that day Bro...jejeje...
good day like all the time Bro...