Sunday, January 10, 2010

December Oasis...Rio Turbio

A few days before the new year, the rains came once again... This time we played our cards right and got a absolutly perfect flow on the Rio Turbio. December 28th was our lucky day and a break from the sunny weather we had gotten the previous week. Meeting up with the Spanish, Chileans, and other gringo friends the day was perfect for some quality huckings. After a nice half hour hike up to the top drop, we saw a perfect high side of good flow, and were all warmed up for the goods.

The first rapid, which has only been run in its entirety a few times, includes; a 30 foot boof, crazy slide into a stout pothole, a nice long fluffy slide, and a 10 foot wier hole to wrap it up. The whole thing drops a lot and at this level the entire drop can be put together quite smoothly. So we went...

Myself throwing down on the Putin drop...

The Gnar pothole slide right below the big falls.

Aniol going second on the big boof, check out the stack up.

Jared going gansta style on the Salto Turbio.

Jared in the enterance of the third piece of the top drop.

A mackin' ledge hole at the end of the first stacked set.

Nico blasting through the last big hole of the top set.

After the first set was over we continued down to the rest of the classic boofs and slides. It is a hard task to find such a nice flow for this flash drainage, this was the first time in three years it has happened for me. Enjoy the rest of the shots by Todd Richey always killing it...

Getting through a tight squeeze somewhere in the midde of the run.

Jared leanin' a phatie off another treat.

Pincho's boat all pinned up :( Diablito was there to save the day.

The take out falls may be one of the most photogenic drops in the country.

See I told you so...Todd boofing it solid.

We couldn't have asked for a more perfect and lucky day to have passed. Afterwards we had a nice asado at our house with all the boys we enjoyed the day with good times and sick brines...

Later E.G.

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