Friday, July 11, 2008

White Salmon Appreciation Day

So after a few day on the Little White we decided to have a big day to show our love for our backyard river by running all the sections all together without stopping. We put in high close to Mt. Adams and ran all the way to our house at Northwestern lake. It was great with only 2 portages around Lava Falls and BZ falls. They went but I was sore and tired. By the time we got to them.

"Layin' Treats" on the White Salmon:

Me running the left line at Big Brother on the Truss 4+ feet on the gauge.

Ian making sure he does not fall victim to Karen's Box. It can be sticky in those depths.

Miguel droppin' offramp the last drop above the Truss.

The gorge below Lava Falls on the Farmlands.

Miguel and Marshall shooting the boot after a big few days of kayaking.

Ian on left line @ Big Brother high water.

Good livin' @ the lodge, now the Northwest is home for this rolling stone. For the time being!

Later E.G.

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