Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Ldub "our back yard"

On a day to day basis the Little White provides the norishment and care to us members of the Beaver Lodge. Without the presitne waters to clense our senseable sole's we would melt away like the Wicked Witch of the West. It's late July and the L.W. still has a good flow in it, amazed yet we also got the Cispus and Truss in 3 days. Northwest got Game!!

L.J. "the cane brings the pain"

Stout Master Miguel doing his thing, what's that you ask, Layin' Treats!

Kiwi's can kill with steeze too! Skux proves um' wrong.

Class open your books schools in session E.G. comes to slay.

L.J. on the falls of Sprit, yes thats a Huricane, KAVU day repersent.

T.A. Hood rivers main man repin' fish boats on the stouts. We had a crew this day.

Cheese at the Putin on yet another good day of kayaking in the Willard area.

Keel on one cool boof in the Boogie waters.

Ryan on the backender Birthday Eddy.

Wishbone Andy Maser questions???

Austin Rathman on the Stovepipe, blowin smoke on the LW.

Photos by Max B and Me.

It's almost August and we are still in the shit here at the Beaver. It's all good in the Hood as they say... we layin' treats... every single day.

Later E.G.


Anonymous said...

What's with all the (attempted) gangsta talk yo? You're a bunch of ultra-white kayakers. Aren't you from ID? It just sounds a little funny.

Do you ever lay-turds or is it always layin' treats?

E.G. said...

Hey man if you want to come on my blog and trash talk me and my lingo then go bit a hairy bean bag. I'm from MT home of the open range and yo homie my name is "garcia" my mexican ass will lay some treats on your pussy ass. and the turds are for yo mother.

Anonymous said...

Yo e-steez,
can I get that shot of me bustin my spirit cherry emailed to me at, I thank brother Max got the shot from above.I'm the guy in the yellow grande with a blue drysuit. cheers bro!
J Boone

Anonymous said...

norishment? prestine? clense? senseable soles?
Open your books is right.
Private high school hain't what it used to be...
Great photos, though, and nice work out there, Homestump.

Anonymous said...

I don't think that guy who was trash talkin' knew you were a part of BDP or he would be quakin' in his boots

Anonymous said...

Yo Yo Yo Yoooooooo!! Got my bling bling and my boooooof. Yak thug life, chizzle my grizzle on some forty fooooot d-rops. DO NOT TALK SHIT ABOUT THE G-BOYS UNLESS YOU... A) know them. B) Paddle with them. C) Paddle and know them D) If you selected D you a dooooooosch. Peaaaaace hata lovr fo life foooo sho. foooo sho.

Anonymous said...

Aside from the pathetic "standin' up for my, boys, yo...." retorts, I simply want to wrap my mind around why wealthy, priviliged white kids would bother to waste their substantial leisure time pretending to be from a poor, uneducated and extremely underpriviliged sector of society. Would those you emulate laugh in your face in close quarters, or beat the fool out of you? Perhaps both? It all reminds me a bit of the way large portraits of Indian chiefs are hung in those god-awful trophy homes and good ole boy clubs in your inter-mountain West.

If you knew me from my days at Yale, and then later in life heard me speaking and/or writing in hobbled English with a heavy Scottish accent, it would be hard not to make light of it, no?
So cheer up, boys, you are no doubt begging for these barbs with your unintentionally comedic ramblings. Anyone care to indulge an old Ivy-league canoeist on this curious subject?

E.G. said...

Alright Man,
Why would you a Ivy league scholar like yourself waste such precious time reading my terrible writings and then have the time to write a few paragraphs touching on some really tender spots of mine. First, do you know me? I am a raft guide in Washington right now and the cherry and grape picking season is here. I got 500 bones to my name, Broke, Hungry, and Happy!
My house, in fact has a picture of a Blackfoot chief, but my pops will tear the scalp off any Yale canoeist who thinks his s*&% don't stink. I'm a young lad sitting trying to share my good times with the people who want to see bad ass pictures and read some short blips about the life and times of a true kayaker. So you, whoever you might be, please find away to shut your face and instead of surfing egcreekin ask your mom about me, she's got EG the killah tatted on her tits.

Sorry for the profanity, truly, but I am trying to have a friendly site here and haters are bringing me down.

Peace EG

Bryan Smith said...

Yo coming back up to BC this August? Just got home and curious if some of you boys from south of the border are going to be up here soon. The shit is coming in as we speak. Bryan

Northwest Video Scrapbook said...

don't worry about the anonymous haters, keep chasing the stout!

Anonymous said...

YO this is cheese.. any mo haters wanna talk shit on my boy i will show them what the backwoods of idaho are really like. Go run sum shit fo yoself pussys and get off the internet.