Thursday, July 24, 2008

Games of the Gorge!

Well being a high profile employee of All Star rafting here on the White Salmon river my chances of competing at the gorge games were slim. It was the most busy weekend of the summer. I luckily found a good Kiwi mate "Skux" to work for me so vigorous training began a day before the race. 1 lap down the run was all I needed. In the end the race was super fun. We did an elimination round for 15 people to go up to the Truss to compete.

Me with some funky angle at the big brother. But I didn't go in the cave!

Lane with a nice line off of the sauce in a Kendo.

Tao won this event, but lost the other two to my main man Sam Sutton. Killa for real! I ended up in sixth, it was the fault of the Mayor of the Beaver Lodge, he was holding me back. But it was alright out of 15 solid kayakers.

Sam after beating Tao on the course he was pissed.

Todd Cheating during the head to head. Got ya buddy.

All the shots were by other folks sitting on the shore. Thanks dogs. Well done for all.

Later E.G.

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Anonymous said...

Your welcome for the shots on Big. Bro. I met you in Cali Three Rivers!