Wednesday, July 02, 2008

West Cherry: "fightclub"

Cherry land. Home of the best looking granite on the west coast.

How you look for about 4 hours before you get to the river and pay off comes your way.

Pat on top of the world at the sickest camp of the summer.

the hike in was good for the most part until you lose the trail.

Mira a eso!!!

We went in looking to run this one. John Grace ran it first in the summer of '06 with a crew of boys looking after him. This time we all wanted to run it and we all did.

Pat ran first and I got the sickest video shot I have ever taken of him on the 2nd descent of the Garceland.

Me in the mist of trying my hardest not to "F" up.

Drew Duval in the monster. How crazy is dat horizon line.

Where does the "fightclub" come in you ask. Well to get down the Putin slide I'm pretty sure that you need that mentality to run and to style this drop. If you don't you may end up with no grill or a great carnage story ask Stamilio about that.

Drew once again running the steepest mank EVER!

Charlie Bevers mega rapid.

The rest of the run went super well nobody ran the Old pothole falls that got me last season, but every other runnable drop got a taker. West fork is a sick run, if you don't want to run the first slide hike in at Borland mountain for a much more easy mission for most of the good drops.

Drew on the most classic drop of the run in my mind.

Keep givin' her off those stouts.

Later E.G.

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