Sunday, June 01, 2008


ROYAL!!!! This was my second run down this epic multi day river run. It was 640cfs when we put on and cold as hell at the Soda Springs exit. 3 members of our group put on and we stayed back due to cold. Half way through the day the driver got back and told us that the weather was good at the bridge, F*&%!!!! We packed up and rallied up there for a second time. As we ran the good bit a whitewater down to Heath Springs I was enjoying the low water mank.The Heath Spring Gorge.

Photos by Jono Ramsay & Chris Gabrielli (

We got to the big drops and saw our 3 person break off crew who were looking distrut. Justin had mad bombed both the Heath drops a 40 in to a 50 in to a 20. He swam and lost his boat. With a death 5.12 climb out of the canyon, Demshitz Graham style. We tried to think of ways to get it out but ended up camping there. Dam our next few days would be long and strenuous. We had a pretty good night of sleep and a nice fire and ate our own versions of good over night food, Cheesy Bradts and Mac and Cheese.

The next morning we woke up and went up to run the shit. Chris and I ran Upper Heath with great lines. After that Justin hiked out, the wrong way, even though old E.G. told him to go the right way.

Chris Korb. running the Upper Heath falls with me watching on from the cliff.

Me putting the "E" in "HEATH".

If you ever hike out of Heath hike back up the rio to the Ceders. Anywho, we kept givin' her and made it down classic drops to Rattlesnake.

Skipping over a nice little corner pocket hole.

The classic canyon slide above the Rattlesnake falls.

Gabrielli one with the boof.

Me and Chris scouted it out hard and Chris sent it first and fired me up.

Chris Korbulic huckin' the Rattlesnake falls first.

Followed closely by me.

Scouting Rattlesnake falls it is a grande stout.

At the top of the perfect lip, running the shit with a loaded boat.

UnnnnHHa!!! I like it like that.

After the Rattler, now one of my favorite biggens out there, the run settles of a mile and the scenery is beautiful. We saw the sun shinning and the birds were singing their sweet spring to summer songs with the cool winds breezing through the trees. I love the sumer days when running the shit and the beauty of remote canyons mix in to a perfection of glory.

Lizzy at the top of a triple set that makes me love kayaking. It ends in a perfect 20 foota.

Maybe next time????

The sluce-box, the last drop of Royal, other than Wabena. Has a great lead up rapid and a deep plug makes it a true classic.

Wabena was so good looking, and hell yes I wanna huck it so back, but the wa wa was just a little low for a 70+ footer in the wilderness. It really needs above 800 on the inflow to Clemintine for it to be good. Our day 2 was da bomb, one of the best days in the state.

All the boyz: left to right: (Jono, Korbulic, Gabrielli, E.G, Corey) drying out the dry suits in the Generation Gap. Twas a nice chilly/sunny/rainy/windy/wet/awsome trip

Gen/Gaint gaps were good a little mank but long and tiring to say the least. I love the Royal Gorge, alot, hahaha. If you like the stouts and don't mind a long paddle out on mank but good whitewater, this run is for you. It's totally different and unique from the majority of the High Sierra runs. Hope to get on it again this year soon. It's got some life in her yet.

Later E.G.

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