Saturday, May 31, 2008

Chucks Drop

I felt good to run a rapid named after one of the most influential and greatest kayakers ever to walk the earth.

"Chuck Kern" rapid on the Kaweah got me amped on a visit to the Sequoia National Park.

Then we went and visited the Keebler Elves cookie factory, home of the chocolate grasshopper. I love demshitz!!!

Kaweah land is a good place where one can eat great Mexi-comida and run the tasty granite slabs that make this place the best one day run are in the state.

P.S. I took a swim 50 feet from the put in on East Kaweah at high water. It was a fun day from then on out. I was blushing from the ease of the 3 footer that took my pride.

Later E.G.

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Unknown said...

Hey Evan,
Awesome! Can I use the photo of you running Chuck's Drop as the Picture of The Day for May 31, 2008 on The Kaweah River Page? If so, email me, webmaster at kaweahriver dot org , or post a comment here. Who is the photographer? He/she gets the photo credit if posted. Also please confirm date of the run. The blog says May 31, 2008 but the EXIF info embedded in the photo says May 26, 2008.

Bill Pooley
Kaweah River Page