Tuesday, May 20, 2008

South Branch of Middle Feather

Back to it...

Like I said I got to Nevada City at 3:00AM and passed out ready to fire it up in the morning. Josh Nielson, a good Kiwi buddy from running the shit last summer was already there awaiting me, along with Justin Patt. We drove to the Feather drainage and got lost before we found the bridge that crosses the S.Branch where a big friendly crew was camped out ready to put on as well. The run is pretty much off the hook goods the whole way. Dinky creekish with mad granite drops and big clear pools below everything. The run starts off slow but once it hits the bedrock it drops off and doesn't stop all day.

Testing out the Jefe Grande on a slide to auto boof.

Can some one say the best 50 you can huck off. Justin and I ran this stout 3 times in one day. That Good!!!

Josh showing this stout how to treat a Kiwi.

In its simplest form S.Branch is the shit. The drops are clean, stacked, big, and all good to go. There was a portage around a 80-100 foot slide above the stout, but everything else went.

Justin decided to run the mind of 40 foot portage drop, and greased it like a fresh carborator.

Boofing like that makes me oh so happy to have made the all night drive to get this run.

We waited for the group behind us which created the opportunity to run the 50 footer 3 times. Then we all hiked 30 to an hour out of the canyon to the truck. As for the new Jefe Grande, it is sick, everything that I wanted in the regular Jefster this thing has. Truly a work of art by LL.

It was a sick day of kayaking and I really can't tell you how happy it makes me to be back n California running the sauce with all my good buddies once again. We made it to Little Caesars for some hot and ready pizza's. Camping down at the confluence for W.Feather and Kimshew had me dreaming good dreams.

Later E.G.

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