Tuesday, May 20, 2008

East Meets West @1000+CFS

Yo this is off the time line but we didn't shoot photos on South Branch or Big Kimshew so I'm coming to you from Justin's computer with some shots we took on the big drop of the Upper South Yuba. It was super juicy flow and we hucked the falls 2 times.

Me at the top of the falls ready to give her a supreme special.

Resurfacing fast around the bad eddy ready to run it again.

Justin Patt givin it on his second run of the day, a little too right but he got redemption on his 3rd go around. Crazy dude been giving her on the stouts.

The rapid going into it was like a nice big water rapid off a huge curler into the seem of doom. Deep and out we made it look pretty good and headed down to the booming goast town of Coloma for a night at the C.C.

Later E.G.

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Golder said...

Hey Man

Nice to meet ya the other day, (helped ya run shuttle on East meets West)How did you first D mission go down with Charlie? Hope you are getting the goods, good lines to ya brother!