Friday, June 20, 2008

Ian Runs Natural Bridge Falls!!!!

Looks good?

the level he had.

Well this thing has been looked at for years now, but not until yesterday the 19th of June with the flow close to 4000cfs my brother Ian Garcia sent it. Not 3 seconds after leaving the lip he met the pool sticking it damn vertical. He skirt imploded and he did swim out from the falls. The exact hight is not measured but they were guessing around 100-115 feet tall. Could have been an attempt to break Tyler Bradt's young record from last fall on the 107 Alexandra falls. We will know shortly how tall it was and you along with myself want to see some pictures of this STOUT!!! coming soon.

Later E.G.


Lizzy English said...

Montana boys... gettin it done. Yeeha!

Unknown said...

Any video? That is truly amazing!!!

Anonymous said...

Gimmie a break. He swam out of it? Might as well have run it in a barrel. No style, no class, no brains. What's the point?

E.G. said...

hey anyone who takes time to tell my bro that something sick that takes an amazing amount of skill to pull off and tell him he has no brains on my site can suck my D*%$ stay off egcreekin "

if you don't like the flow stay out my soup kitchen!!!"

Josh Neilson said...

Fuck yeah EG u tell'em!!! respect to your bro for hitting that catagory 3 shit! way to fire it up ian!
chur bro

Anonymous said...

Big Timber Native right here... the man has some serious balls. that shit's for real. No doggin a drop like that. real skills