Thursday, June 26, 2008

Fantasy Photo Dump

All shots by Grant Korgan.

the pics are from end to begining. some good stuff. This was maybe my best trip of the summer. The group means everything. I love al y'all boys and girl who joined me for this one.

Me on "Show me your Tits" about to make it through that bitch!

The Subi on our way back to Coloma.

Salt Springs Res.

Some big old domes.

Nasty Crew From the depths of the boonies of all the worst places known to man.

going for it on the marquee drop of the run F. Falls.

Chris and Korg got the knuckles

Lizzy on the FF.
Lizzy bottom 20 footer on FF.
Korbulic on the FF second run of the morning.

Lizzy on the Rooster slide going right behind me with a solid run.

Epic mushroom boof what a sickidy drop.

Grant and Chris scouting the stouts. That thing was cold as ice to give Chris a face like that.

Portage on!

The only un-run drop of the entire river

View upstream of camp #1.

Our sick camp in such a nice canyon.

Downstream look of what we got to run that next morning.

Good Morning Drop!
Rooster tail slide was good to go.

Chris one of the first good drops.

Lizzy probing Tay Tay's drop.

I wonder how it went?

Chris trying new line to avoid the pocket beatdown.

Chilling at first camp below, in, and above the goods.

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Anonymous said...

nice shots! just a note "show me yer tits" has always been known as "tha Thing", and the "rooster" was known as "jeds" after mr. weingartn mega ton, to heli extraction.......also the unrun rapid I think is "stick in the eye portage"