Monday, April 26, 2010

The Way of "Tox"

I want to grow old someday so I can tell stories like this one....

Once upon a time there was a little dwarf named Tox. Tox lived in a mountainous region on the East Coast of the United States of America. He knew little about the outside world, and kept to quiet never coming anywhere close to any cities or humans. One day while he was hunting small rabbits he caught sight of something strange. There was a pile of colorful plastic tubs in his scared hunting canyon...he knew something was wrong. All of sudden a group and well armored humans came too close with big long bladed staffs and helmets. He had to fight and protect himself. So with a cry of the most ferocious warrior Tox screamed "My name is Tox, feel my wrath" and he attacked...needless to say the battle only lasted a minute. Tox had lost and ran away. The kayakers who had fought Tox that day re-named this river the "Toxaway"...get it? Tox away. That's how the Toxaway river got its name, duh!

Enjoy the Photos from yesterdays run of NC's greatest drainage ditch.

Hiking up to get the bottom half of the monster putin slide.

Adam Bixby and Adriene getting some angel time.

Adriene about to seal launch into the Old a massive siphon.

Chilling between runs of Energizer bunny...this rapid is the quint-essential Toxaway drop for me.

Coming out of the Siphon at the top of Energizer.

Getting my groove on.

Run number two from the bottom...what a great drop.

Landbridge falls.

Going very fast on the Landbridge slide.

The biggest slide we ran...Wintergreen falls.

Me ready for the hike out, which is longer than I remember.

It is quite amazing how things work sometimes. I finished the Dashboard Empanada...and right as I started to go to sleep from the third late night of exporting and fixing errors it started to piss rains and thunder like hell...I knew something good was coming in. Just the treats I needed before heading back west. I ready for Cali now :)

Photos by Adam Bixby and RiverGypsys

Later E.G.


Max said...

Nice one! Some really cool slides...I'm a little bit green-eyed ;-)
Keep on

Bernard Oliver said...

bro that looked beautiful!!

David said...

Hahaha - I was waiting for Tox to find Lord Sauron's ring and then disappear.

Nice pics though

Ben Luck said...

Hey Evan, it's Ben Luck. I was just wondering if you ever ended up making a movie from the Cali Luv Tour footage. I've been dreaming about California and would love to see everything you shot last spring. Give me a call. 208-720-1263