Monday, October 06, 2008

A 90 footer in Mexico

This is a big one that I never got to update on my blog from last October in Vera Cruz Mexico. This is on the Rio Texolo near the capital Xalapa Mexico. I remember watching this beast get slayed, many treats were laid, he stomped it but then could not exit the pool with an imploded skirt so he took a dip. But in my mind he killed that shit like a true tree-miester. Now here are the photos to enjoy...

Tyler Bradt laying some Phat Ass Treats!

Dope-est shit I have ever seen stuck with that precision. It had a hell of a buck nasty entrance as well, high speed take off. Like drinking a bottle of Rum and steppin' into the Ring with Ed Norton ready for some Fightclub.

Later E.G.

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Northwest Video Scrapbook said...

Nice, thanks for posting EG! Sick drop & Sick line!

btw.. The Photo of the week.. Another run on Spirit.. Sick angle! How did you get all the trees out of the way? Layin treats one day at a time!