Thursday, August 21, 2008

Upper Lewis Falls

Well this is a super "late update". Hahaha Rich as always. But back to it, About a month and a half ago My brother, Marshall Woods, Heather Hurbeck, West Virginia Lance, and Myself routed up and over the Mount Adams pass to the Lewis River. A magical hour long drive brought us to the parking lot where we had a nice scout before deciding to drop down in there.

The first of the drops was a nice 20 footer that took a amazing lofty boof on the far left. Some little slides down stream brought us to the enormous horizon line. The hardest part about this drop was entering it in the right spot lining up for the perfect landing zone. If that was messed up there was some massive consequence. After many minutes of scouting Ian looked at the left "slide to 50 footer" but didn't dig it, Marshall had had enough. He fired it up first.

Lewis's Upper Falls.

I was the horizon pointer and filmed for him. He had a solid placement for the first stage, but took a bigger left stroke than was wanted. Turning his boat right, he caught his bow on the wall after resurfacing spinning him backwards for the second 30.

Marshall Woods on the first 30, a tricky one at best.

Marshall on 30 number 2.......

When he plugged in deep, the massive boil/hole shot him behind the curtain into a small room against the wall. Not chilla. He swam out, went deep popping out away from the falls in the big pool safe and sound.

Not the best thin to see before a stout but I was still wanting to give it a go, and go I did.

Coming off the blind lip with a big lefty.

Air stroke on the left for max-speed about to Salmon jump it.

Boosting off the bottom falls with a stroker.

More and more.

Pretty much I gave it hard and ended up with a sick line. It felt a bit riktor but went well. It was another one of those drops you gotta just get in your kayak and give it some heat.

After that we ran down to Middle falls which was a sick slide that was super good and we took out there. I knew Lower falls would be burl and scary so we just saved it for another day to come. Washington keeps showing me the goods and I really think this is a worthy place to take a hucking trip to.

Later E.G.

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