Sunday, August 24, 2008

Last run of the LDub

It was the 20th of August and Tyler Bradt and Rush Sturges were in town to learn to Kiteboard. The Ldub was still in, so we fired it up after a nice Truss run the evening before. Even at it's low levels of 2.3-2.2 feet it was still an epic little day out there. I did my first freewheel off Boulder Sluce and ran Spirit 2 times.

Cheese swam Spirit Falls 2x, it was sick to watch and more fun to do I'm sure. Peep the sequence.

My first run of the day right after filming Cheese. It was nice and soft, this drop never disappoints.

Cheese back in the yak plugging it.

I think that was my last descent of the Ldub for this summer, I can't wait to get back out here and on it with some juice again. It is now top 5 favorite rivers of all times. I just know it so well that I can jib down it, throw freestyle in, not get out of my boat once, and boof stomp a 30 footer everyday! Little White is just plain what I look for in a good run.

Now I think it's B.C. for E.G.

Lets see how it goes. A big shout out to my boys at the Beaver lodge, thanks for letting me stay for 2 months. That's kind of a long time.

Later E.G.

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