Thursday, August 14, 2008

The Truss is Low.

The Green Truss section of the white Salmon is also a backyard classic run featuring an abundance of sick drops and cool moves to keep one happy all morning or afternoon. It is August 14th right now and it finally feels, to me, low side of what is good. None the less it is still a great adventure of fun full happiness for all to enjoy. Here are some photos of the run to show all of you our good times 15 minuets from the Beaver lodge.

Stout Master Miguel.

Stomp that shit like a balla' homie knows what up on the Truss.

Big Brother is fun!!!

Later E.G.


Mikkel said...

That doesn't look any lower than when I was there in April. I hope you aren't complaining to much.

E.G. said...

it aint too low im doing the double tomorrow. LWS y the truss should be sick look for a new video creekin in august