Tuesday, June 27, 2006

weekend with cheese

Brooks and Cheese sleeping on a bridge 4 miles into our huge hike

This last weekend I had a friend come up from McCall Idaho. His name is Cheese, and he also goes to the kayak academy. (or went I should say) But he wanted to do some good stuff around Bozeman so in a short weekend we charged to complete 4 rivers. A play spot on the Gally, A day on Big Timber, a quick run down Hells Canyon, and a 1st decent on a river that has potential to be the best run in the whole state. Hells and Big timber were pretty low but were still fun runs.Cheese firing up the pinch

The 1st decent included a very long hike in and a long scout of a gorge. The main section of the river we went for looked all good, deep in a gorge, a cross between Cali and the Box of the Clarks Fork Yelly. We were shut down on running the main gorge due to a 50-60 footer that was the start of the section that looked way to boofable,The 50-60 footer at the enterence to the main gorge, check it!!This is the 1st D of the top gorge leading right into the big falls Ian scouting the inner gorge

but with a little work you would be at the top of a 5+ gorge where no kayaker or person has ever been before. So here are some pictures of our good weekend. Enjoy. Later E.G.

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