Thursday, June 08, 2006


This is my favorite wave in Montana, and maybe even west of the Mississippi.
Big, fast, surgey, and steep. Ian and I hit this wave at the perfect level this last weekend and did some filming for our Montana movie. After 2-3 hours here you are spent. There is a eddy, but with 2 people there it's non-stop surfing and action the whole time. If your ever in the Bozeman area this is the spot to go. If the Yellowstone is running 10,000-11,000 cfs your golden and your about to have of the best play sessions of your life. Plus I garentee you will be the only people there. It's Montana. later E.G.

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Hey Garcia´s hermanos. what sap dude, the photo look good,Dude here in Italy whit this raft I feel &/&%$$·""!.
any way , see you in chile for continue fire up big water falls.
See you.