Friday, December 19, 2008

Rio Negro

The Rio Negro is still yet a secret of the Chilean lands so I won't get to deep in to it's whereabouts. The thing about it is we heard that there was a cleanish 60 footer on there that had never been run before... so we went with all the ganas to run that shit. Once we got there we found the river at a low level but still containing so many good to go drops we all fell in love with this gem after running it twice.

The group enoying the depths of the Canyon del Negro.

Patagonia in all its beauty... el Rio Puelo on the way south.

Kurt Casey, running the brown with demshitz.

Fusilli boofing another treat layer... this thing gave us the opportunity to get oiut there and rally some goods.

The 20 footer dropper. with some good lines we kept her going.

Me and Graham standing behind a 5o footer... It was quite like it but it felt as cold as Christmas.

Toro running a classic 1 meter 50 drop within the goods of the run.

Kurt Casey pan frying some fresh salmon stright from the ocean a was only a 10 minute drive from the takeout.

Jared blasting thourgh rapid we dubbed' the love canal.

Auto boof Desahue steeze... this drop made for some funny lines. If you went a little off line it punished some folks.

Jared blue steel with the big boy behind him.

Me on the last segment of the best rapid of the run in my opinion.... very fast curlers in to a 6 foot macker.

Boofing the shallow 15 footer above the stout.

Our camp at the takeout of the run.. it was amazing to run all that good whitewater and hop out to a green feild and a big fire.

It was kind of a mix with all three classic Pucon runs... Palguin, Desahue, and LLancahue. Truly that good. Everything went but we did not drop the big boy. I'm not saying why or where because I will be back someday to clean up our mess. hahahaha...

Demshitz riding the ferry back up to Puerto Montt on our way back home to Pucon.

Enjoy the photos of this new BRINE run we found down there. Shots by Mike, Toro, and Fred.

Later E.G.

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