Saturday, December 20, 2008

Gol Gol 3rd round

With a well thought out plan to go and hit the goods of Argentina we took off once again from the safety of our shack in Pucon, and loaded the Kayak Pucon van for a mission to El Bolson. Little did we know our trip had a terrible fate lurking in from birth. From our night of sleep at the Gol Gol we headed over the pass to Argentina and got a slap in the face when they told us we couldn't enter because oft he kayaks. Don't want to get into that... it was terrible.

So with our tails between our legs we ran back to gods land and put directly on the Rio Gol Gol with perfect flows. A+ shit running no doubt!

All photos by Fred Gnarquist

A nice looking rock on the way to argentina... which we never got into.

Boofing to warm up on the first drop'r

Monkey steeze is the way of the future.

Oh maybe the classic of the entire run.

The sluce box with Miguel about to split the tits.

A nice boof for the ladies.

Jared on the same 15 footer with a big hole.

The second biggest/best drop of the run Miguel slayin' another huge boof.

Rodriog firing up the Indio first.

Flying off the Indio man!

Jared with the GoPro camera strapped to his head ready to go deep.

Indio is a stout!!! You go F-ing deep on this guy here. However it's very soft and smooth. I think it was 3 blown skirts and 3 good... 50/50 with that hahaha The pool is big and beautiful so if something was to happen there is a nice recovery zone to help you out. Gol Gol is the business get there and stout.

Later E.G.

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